Monday, October 5, 2009

Davis' Big Boy Vroom... I mean Room!

If there is one thing I’ve observed about little boys it is this: they love anything having to do with cars! A .99 cent matchbox car can keep Davis entertained during the most trying of times! Plus there is just something priceless about watching a little boy play with cars- it's almost Norman Rockwell like for me!

We recently decorated Davis’ Big Boy room at our new house! I loved his nursery and it was one of the hardest parts of moving for me- giving up that adorable, cute nursery. I’ve never been one for themes, or going the common route of cookie cutter ideas. I’m not sure why- it just doesn’t fit our style. With that said, I really wanted to get Davis some bedding he would enjoy- thinking it would help his transition into his big boy bed back in May. However, he was getting a full size bed and it’s hard to find bedding age appropriate in this size! Well we stumbled across some bedding at target that was the right price at the right time and we made the purchase. It’s not something I would naturally pick out, but Davis loved it from the moment he saw it and I decided I could live with it! I try to tell myself not to make him grow up too fast and to embrace boyhood because it will go by in the blink of an eye.

So we have car bedding- which I think counts as a theme! There were tons of accessories at target to go with the bedding but I decided I somehow wanted the room to still be unique- even if we were going with a car “theme”.

So here is the final product of what my mom, myself, and Matt came up with. The pictures really don’t due it justice (at least that’s what I’m telling myself)….

As you can tell the room is painted two shades of green with a road painted around the room about 3/4's of the way up the wall. The road was painted using chalkboard paint (I LOVE this stuff) and trimmed out with white trim for a crisp, finished look!

We also put up a few decal stickers around the room to add a little bit of fun- I think they are a nice touch but could be easy to overdue it with as many came in the packet! I hope we found the right balance! This is the boat Matt built from scratch for Davis' first Christmas! I think if our house was burning down and I could only grab a few things (minus people & animals) this is one of the material items I would grab! Plus Davis does love to play in it- but I'm sad to say, I think he will only be able to play in it for a little bit longer! He is a growing boy!!!! Matt is now in the blue print process of building a smiliar heirloom for little Noah! I can't wait to see what he comes up with!
Below- A car drawn with chalk on the chalkboard road- my friend Peaches drew this one! All the ones I draw look like they've been in a terrible accident (or driven by my sister for a while- Just Kidding Aunt Jennifer)!
The bookshelf my mom found at a consignment shop- good find Gigi! When we were painting the top portion of the wall Davis wanted to participate. Therefore, we let him put his little handprints in his walk-in closet! He thought that was so much fun! Now when he walks into his closet he matches up his hands to the prints! It's the little things in life! Perhaps we will do this once a year or so- and see the progression of growth!
Lastly, my favorite part of the room...

Can you blame me????????


Kad and Peaches said...

You guys have a gift for decorating! This is absolutely one of the cutest, 'big' boy...rooms I have ever seen!

Jenny said...

I love it! We're in the process of moving Andrew to a fullsize bed too. One of the things I told Brian was "I don't want a toddler bed for him, I want a bed big enough that in the mornings I can climb in with him and snuggle, as well as read books at night!"

Looks like Matt had the same idea :)

Beautiful room, Shannon!!

Jessica said...


Such a cute room! And Matt did an amazing job on that boat! That's awesome!

Momma said...

we got that bedding in toddler bed size back when we thought andrew was going to have to move to a big boy room in the spring. he's still in the crib, but we'll move him before too long. i loooove that bedding.