Monday, October 19, 2009

Picassa in the Making...

We've been having A LOT of rain these days! And I mean a lot! It's hard being coped up with a 2 year old for days on end (though I'm extremely grateful for his Mother's Morning Out program he goes to twice a week)! Last week we were especially bored so I pulled out the finger paints that Davis got for his second birthday! I set up shop at our kitchen table and apparently Davis felt like it was appropriate to pray before getting started & for my sanity's sake & new house sake I thought that was a great idea! Then we got started... Davis doesn't really like to use his hands as a whole- just a finger or two on each hand will suffice!

And he likes to wipe them frequently! I was grateful for the old towel I put down beforehand!!!!
Overall it kept him occupied for only about 15 minutes! However, he created two masterpieces- one of which is now hanging in his daddy's office! The other one we may post on etsy or ebay- let the bidding begin!


Kad and Peaches said...

Love the idea and the artwork! Way to go, little artist!

Sarah and Phil said...

What a fun (and brave) mom you are!!! In hese pictures, he looks SOOOO much like Matt.