Thursday, March 3, 2011

Catching Up..

Hi blog world!  We are still here!  Once again, I apologize for the recent inactivity.  It appears that I inadventantly took a month off of blogging.  If this had been purposeful, I'd be proud of myself.  Instead I just feel behind! 

The month of February has been a mixture of really great days and some pretty though ones as well.  Below I will do a quick recap....
  • We started the month out with Noah spiking a high fever and just not feeling like his jolly, passionate ol' self.  I took him to the doctor where they orignailly diagnosed him with double ear infections.  A few days later he broke out in a rash on his torso a few days later.  Upon second glance the doctor then stated he didn't have an ear infection but a classic case of Roseola.  I will spare you pictures but he looked pretty pitiful.  The rash worked it's way from his torso to limbs and persisted for another 2 weeks!   During this time he was a busy boy and cute two molars as well.  It was a fun time, what can I say?   I'm happy to report that he is all better, done cutting his 1 year old molars and in a much better mood in general. :)
  • Two days after Noah's inital diagnosis of a double ear infection, your's truely, got strep throat.  Yuck!  I haven't had that since I was a young child and I must say I'm so thankful!  Unfortunatly, Matt got it about 10 days after I did.  He calls me as I was heading out of town for the weekend to tell me he tested positive for strep!  I felt so bad that my body decided to get it again that night (while away from home on my trip)!  Thankfully a doctor of mine called in a perscription for me so I could pick it up at a local pharmacy in NC.  All was well with the world.... or so you would think.  After another 2 weeks of being cured- guess who got diagnosed with strep AGAIN today?  Yes, this is the 3rd time I've had it!  The nurse said the strain of strep this year is particulary harsh and seems to be reoccuring more often.... I can testify to that statement.  Each time we have changed our toothbrush, washed our sheets, took all our meds, etc... and yet it still comes back.. Thankfully our boys haven't gotten it!
  • Among all the sickness there have been some really great moments as well!  We were able to escape to my grandparents cabin for a few days aroudn the super bowl.  This weekend trip was much more relaxing and enjoyable than I orignially anticpated and we got to spend some quality time with my wonderful mom & grandmother.
  • Donuts with Dad occured at Davis preschool.  He was so excited that Matt was coming to school with him.  He had been talking for weeks about how he made Matt a blue polka dot tie (it was suppose to be a secret, and I actually love this shade of blue)!  He also drew Matt a picture and answered questions about him.  
    "My dad's name is Matt. He is 4 years old.  My dad's favorite thing to do is throw me up in the sky.  My favorite thing to do with my dad is play outside!"  So sweet!
  • Valentine's Day was also lots of fun! Davis was pumped about it and they had a party at his school too! He was the ultra cool kid who gave out Toy Story valentine's day cards and pencils (no candy allowed, or so they say). He was a hoot and seemed to enjoy the celebration! Noah didn't get to go because well, nothing says I love you like a rash all over your body!
    Picutre on the right is Davis' wink!
Davis and the teacher aid in his classroom.  He is fascinated by her because she teaches the kids some spanish, and he LOVES spanish!  She is fascinated by him because her new grandson (yes, I said grandson) looks just like Davis (or so they tell me).  Must be a cutie!

 Speaking of Valentine's Day we had a great one in our household.  I'm not a huge valentine's day fan despite being happily married.  However, I felt like this valentine's day was nice and refreshing.  I mean, look how my super awesome gift was delivered to me....  I'm one lucky girl.

 This really is how I recieved it!  Fortunatly, I had my cellphone nearby and snatched a quick picture :0)  And isn't that necklace fantastic!  I absolutely adore it and the boys who gave it me!  My husband is a wonderful gift giver!

As it turns out every year, my birthday comes 10 days after valentines day!  And this year was a big one, T-H-I-R-T-Y!  My parents gave me an early birthday present by sending me, my sister, mom, and grandmother to the Grovepark Inn the weekend before!  And due to the timing of things my brother-in-law Jimmy came with us!  I'm really glad he came along and was such a trooper during our girls weekend!  The long weekend was heavenly (minus the whole strep scenario I mentioned above)!  We eat excellent food, spent an amazing day at the spa,  talked, laughed, and read good books- all in peace and quite!  It was a wonderful time and I'm so thankful for Matt and his parents who made it all possible for me to get away and know that the boys are in good hands!

The last night in my twenties a few of my dear friends surprised me with a girls night out at a local restaurant.  I was surprised and felt so blessed by these dear girls who sacrificed time with thier families to celebrate another year & decade in my life! 

The next day, my sweet husband surprised me with tickets on the night of my birthday with an out of town concert to Darius Rucker & Brad Paisley (both who I love, though I got to tell you Darius ended up being my favorite)!  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.  So spontanteous and not something we do often but such a fun overnight adventure & memory!

Throughout the whole month of February my thoughts and prayers have been captivated by my sweet niece.  Tomorrow is a big day for her and our family as well.  I ask you once again, to please join us in praying for a miracle! I will write more about her soon and how God uses her in my life and what I've learned as I'm repeatedly drawn to the foot of the cross like never before.  In the meantime please feel free to follow my sister over at  She writes so candidly and I"m blessed everytime her fingers touch the keyboard!  Good night friends!