Wednesday, April 14, 2010

School Days...

Well we got back Davis' school pictures from this year and here is his class picture....I'm afraid he looks like the bully in the class! Surely this isn't so! We are talking about my sweet spirit little boy afterall!?! Ok, thats much better!
Even when he pushes out his lower jaw in an odd sort of fashion! Still sweet & still nice to all he meets! At least I hope so!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Evening...

Granna greeted Noah with his very own Easter Bunny.... We had an Easter Egg hunt for Davis....

Being silly with Aunt Jennifer... Aunt Jennifer's one goal in life is to corrupt my children (I may have mentioned that before)! Her she is teaching Davis how to "fist pump" like the peeps on the MTV show Jersey Shore. Now, I've never seen an episode of this show but I'm guessing they are not who I want my sweet little boy to emulate! Just call it mother's intuition...

Noah's thinking "These people are cra-zy!"

It's a new trend, Easter Hair... Better yet, an Easter Mullet!
Noah rolling around at the end of the day!

Davis "nugglin" (yes, he tends to leave off the "s") with grandaddy man after a very long day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning...

The Easter Bunny came to visit in honor of "Jesus coming back"! The bunny tries to fill the Easter Buckets with item that will encourage the boys relationships with Christ. However, a few practical/summer items also got slipped in this year too! Davis' bucket is on the left & Noah's bag is on the right. Noah was the first one up on Easter morning so he hung out in his excersaucer until big brother woke up!
Davis woke up shortly there after and came running down to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him!
Davis dug into his bucket and pulled out a new Veggie Tales movie! Noah is patiently waiting for someone to open up his presents for him!

Davis is showing Noah a few of their new items! Notice the matching PJ's! I love it when they match! It's silly I know but I can't help it! If only I could find those in Matt's size!
Davis finally got a baseball glove! I was way more excited about this than anybody else! Softball was such a big part of my childhood- perhaps baseball will be for Davis. Sadly, at this point in time he doesn't seem overly interested! Then again, he is only 2!!!

Lifeway Christian book store had some awesome deals this year that the Easter Bunny really took advantage of this year!

Davis really thought Noah needed to surrounded by all of his toys, in the excersaucer! Needless to say I had to intercede before it got too crowded!
We had a wonderful Easter morning celebrating our risen Savior!
"Jesus has overcome
the grave is overwhelmed
Victory is won
He is risen from the dead"!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Egg "Hunt" 2010....

A local church had a massive Easter egg "hunt" this year (40,000 eggs total). And by "hunt" I mean sighting. Hunt would imply a search would be involved & as you can see that was NOT the case! But this new method certainly worked for our 2 1/2 year old!Below Avery & Davis are wishing each other good luck before the "hunt" begins...

Davis strategizes before the hunt! Ok, I really have no idea what he was thinking but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he was thinking things through! Can't you see the wheels turning?

One of my best friends, Rosie & her daughter Avery! Yes, I know Rosie can't take a bad picture even when she is oblivious it's being taken !

Miss Avery was a bit sleepy but don't let her fool you... she can hunt eggs with the best of them!

After they said "GO" the adrenaline surged! I mean where does a boy start with so many eggs?

This is my friend Cynthia & their son Will- born one day after Noah!
Matt helping Davis on the field!

Having fun but still very serious about what he came to accomplish....

A family photo opportunity...

My boys scoping out their loot! After all the kids had gotten their eggs there were still plenty of eggs to get! Seriously, it was an overwhelming amount of eggs!!! We even threw some of our eggs back onto the older kids field because who needs that many eggs (especially when the Easter bunny had yet to come)!

They also had a carnival like setting there with blow up games, food, & face painting! Davis, not being a fan of crowds, was ready to go home after the egg hunt! His mission had been accomplished. Avery however, was ready to stay and play!!! Maybe one day she can help loosen his sweet, serious spirit up!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eggs....

Happy Easter Everyone! I've not been great about updating my blog and when that happens I always get slightly overwhelmed and wonder where to start? So I'm just going to jump right into it & try to catch up over the next several post! After school one day we decided to dye some Easter eggs & Gigi came over to help because Mommy had a meeting for work (yes, I've started working part-time from home for my former employer- different post for a different day)!

So here we are gently putting the eggs into the dye... well most of them went in gently! Drinking some water from a "big boy" cup....
Noah was bouncing on his pony....

Gigi was snuggling with Noah when not it said bouncer...
We let them dry and then put the stickers on (Davis is a HUGE sticker fan)!

Picking up his favorite ones & trying to imitate their faces! Turns out they are all his favorites because we pretty much did this with every. single. one.
He is all about loving his brother these days! Very affectionate towards the little guy!
And he can pretty much make Noah smile like nobody else can!
Noah is thinking he knows exactly what he's gonna do next year once he can join in the fun!
And I believe this is where Davis is asking/ telling Noah which one should be his favorite! But really the thing to observe in this picture is the length of the drool! That is life for us these days! No sign of any teeth yet but it should be any day (though I've been saying that for quite some time now)!
We had fun! By the time we were finished several (ok- almost all) of the eggs had boo-boos & cracks! But as Davis said "We all have cracks"! Yes, folks he is indeed a funny boy!