Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharing the love...

10 months of...pure...
cuteness! Doesn't get much better than that!
Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of "Those Moms"...

So it's official... I'm one of those camera toting moms who becomes emotional on the first day of high school preschool. It doesn't even seem possible that he could be in preschool yet does it? But as hard as it is to believe- it is true! I know, I know, Davis as been in Mother's Morning out for the past 2 years so this shouldn't be too different! However, it sure feels different! Maybe it's the fact that he is growing like a weed; or perhaps it's the fact that unlike last year's first day of MMO, today not a tear was shed. Not. a. single. one. from my big boy (nor myself- but it was indeed a close call as my eyes filled to the brim a few times)! Despite my attempt at keeping perspective, this just feels like a big step. Next thing I know he will be starting first grade, then high school, then mustering up the courage to ask a girl out on his first date, and honestly the rest is just too much to mention from there! I'm sorry- it might seem silly... I never thought I would be like this... but when my son turned around and gave me a hug goodbye & said.... "I love you.. a bushel and a peck" then walked away on his own accord, I nearly lost it. As the teacher declared that he was "Melt my heart, adorable" I wanted to turn and look her square in the eye and tell her "Congratulations, you won the jack pot this year. This kid will steal your heart before you even realize it!"
But somethings are best left unsaid. She will find out soon enough! In fact, she is probably @ home right now wondering what hit her. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

4th of July...

If ever a good time could be measured by the amount of laughter coming form kids then Sunday, July 4th this year was off the charts! We get together every 4th with some of our good friends and our kids! Funny how times have changed! Back in 2004 there were no kids involved, now every couple has a least one! All of our lives are better for it- I know! This year we did sparklers for the kids! They were lots of fun but unfortunately I think almost every child cried at one point due to touching the hot stick after it was done "sparkling". I'm happy to say though no fingers or toes were permanently harmed in our 4th of July celebration!

Here is Miss Avery. Yes, I'm thinking we should just add her picture to the header of our blog since I've got so many pictures of her.

Here is Miss Caroline- adorable as always!

Davis being timid after he almost "burnt" his finger on a stick. He didn't even touch it but didn't want to risk the chance of it happening. Such a cautionary spirit. I'm thankful for it but I also want him to learn to live in the moment and not let fear dictate his life. A lesson we all need to be reminded of every now & then.

Because sometimes when you let go and take calculated risk there is joy to be found!
For example, Daddy wasn't afraid to take a risk with the koozie in the above picture. Some might say it's feminine & give him a hard time. But Daddy is a man's man- no need for insecurities, it suited his purpose ;)
Daddy & Davis... (we actually left Noah with Gigi & Granddaddy this night because he was getting in his top two teeth and was not in the mood to party two nights in a row)!

Davis & Mommy right as Mrs. Sarah announced it was time for Popsicles!!! Can you tell? :)

We try every year to get a picture of the kids together and every year it is impossible! However, with Popsicles it is a little bit more manageable!
Caroline, Anna, Avery, & Davis...
I think Avery might be telling Davis that he sure is taking a long time eating that Popsicle. She may or may not have stolen a lick or two after she finished hers. It's hard to say:)
If so, she was just being a good friend I"m sure!
Anna & Davis- his longest friendship!
15 minutes later & savoring EVERY bite!
Thank goodness for the "slow melting" variety. This was the first one we've had of that variety and it lived up to it's name (though if they could possibly make it even slower that would still be nice)!
Friends, popsicles, sparklers, games, old friendship & new friendships it was an awesome July 4th!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The 3rd of July....

Here are a few pictures of how we spent our 4th of July weekend! Our local town was having fireworks on Saturday the 3rd. My aunt and uncle always graciously open up their home (conveniently located by the square where all the fireworks are set off) to lots of people. This is our first year going but we had such a pleasant time! Our friends the Thaxton's joined us and we had a really good time. This is the summer where Davis has repeatedly without being prompted (or really even sugguested) declared his best friend to be Avery. They have spent a ton of time together this summer and listening to them converse reminds me of an old couple. They are hilarious and show great concern for each other! I hope their friendship endures for years to come!

I always laugh at the picture below- it just might be one of my favorites because it captures this season of life so well. Avery has come to love trains too! The two of them play together in their own world so well.

And sometimes Noah likes to join in too! Avery does love herself some Baby Noah (despite the fact that he weighs more than she does)! Eating a little dinner on the cooler!
Avery is developing into a budding photographer. I'm sure she will start booking sessions soon, for those of you who are interested! :)
Right before the fireworks start! I had been slightly nervous about it but there was no need to be- they did GREAT! Even Noah enjoyed them.

And one of my favorite moments of the night was when almost everyone had left (we were trying to let traffic die down) and Davis was running around the back yard dancing to the music. The song "Life is a Highway" came one (which Davis associates with the movie Cars) and he danced & danced though he was beyond the point of exhausted. Noah clearly was out for the night all snuggled into Matt's arms! Though another picture that is not high in quality or technique but warms my heart to the fullest.
We had a WONDERFUL evening and I hope we make this an annual event! It was just that much fun! Thanks to all who helped throw the party!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Every Day Is So Glorious.."

A local historic movie theater offered some discounted movies this summer for some of their smallest viewers! When I heard that they were showing this movie....I decided this would be a great opportunity for Davis and I to go on a mommy/son date! I didn't really know how he would do in a full length movie (86 minutes to be exact) but he really did pretty good! When we got in the car for the outing Curious George (who we already owned) was buckled up in Davis' car seat ready to go! Davis thought that was so funny and kept saying "silly George! He's a monkey. He can't got to the movies!" I told him I thought they might make an exception since it was his movie after all!
Before the movie a reporter for our local newspaper came and took a few pictures of Davis and interviewed me. For some unknown reason we didn't make the cut and someone else was in the paper. We decided to cancel our subscription after that! Oh wait.... we never had subscription! But if we did have one, we would have! Big Mistake- I mean Big! :) Look what they missed!

Our dear friends Peaches and Gabriella met us at the movies! Gabriella was a little small for her seat :) What she lacks in size she makes up in cuteness (and color)!

All in all Davis did well! He got slightly antsy with about 30 minutes remaining but with a quick trip to the bathroom and a good snack we were able to get through the remainder of the movie! It was a very cute movie with GREAT animation. Such a learning experience for someone who grew up watching Curious George! For instance did you know the Man in the Yellow Hat's name is Ted? It also showed how he got his yellow clothing! I must say I sleep better at night now that these questions have been answered :)
Davis' favorite part of the movie was when Curious George accidentally swallowed some fireflies and thus his tongue turned into a glow stick! Mighty funny to his 2 year old self (okay almost 3 but lets not rush things)!
I would call Davis' first movie viewing a success! Thanks Curious George- the day was oh, so glorious!