Monday, August 9, 2010

4th of July...

If ever a good time could be measured by the amount of laughter coming form kids then Sunday, July 4th this year was off the charts! We get together every 4th with some of our good friends and our kids! Funny how times have changed! Back in 2004 there were no kids involved, now every couple has a least one! All of our lives are better for it- I know! This year we did sparklers for the kids! They were lots of fun but unfortunately I think almost every child cried at one point due to touching the hot stick after it was done "sparkling". I'm happy to say though no fingers or toes were permanently harmed in our 4th of July celebration!

Here is Miss Avery. Yes, I'm thinking we should just add her picture to the header of our blog since I've got so many pictures of her.

Here is Miss Caroline- adorable as always!

Davis being timid after he almost "burnt" his finger on a stick. He didn't even touch it but didn't want to risk the chance of it happening. Such a cautionary spirit. I'm thankful for it but I also want him to learn to live in the moment and not let fear dictate his life. A lesson we all need to be reminded of every now & then.

Because sometimes when you let go and take calculated risk there is joy to be found!
For example, Daddy wasn't afraid to take a risk with the koozie in the above picture. Some might say it's feminine & give him a hard time. But Daddy is a man's man- no need for insecurities, it suited his purpose ;)
Daddy & Davis... (we actually left Noah with Gigi & Granddaddy this night because he was getting in his top two teeth and was not in the mood to party two nights in a row)!

Davis & Mommy right as Mrs. Sarah announced it was time for Popsicles!!! Can you tell? :)

We try every year to get a picture of the kids together and every year it is impossible! However, with Popsicles it is a little bit more manageable!
Caroline, Anna, Avery, & Davis...
I think Avery might be telling Davis that he sure is taking a long time eating that Popsicle. She may or may not have stolen a lick or two after she finished hers. It's hard to say:)
If so, she was just being a good friend I"m sure!
Anna & Davis- his longest friendship!
15 minutes later & savoring EVERY bite!
Thank goodness for the "slow melting" variety. This was the first one we've had of that variety and it lived up to it's name (though if they could possibly make it even slower that would still be nice)!
Friends, popsicles, sparklers, games, old friendship & new friendships it was an awesome July 4th!

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