Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plans, Trains, and well... go carts!

We recently traveled to Destin for a vacation with my parents!  One evening we went to this small amusement type park for some fun!  I wasn't quite sure how it would go over with Davis but he LOVED it, especially the go-carts!  We talked about going to do the go-carts one more time before we went home, but ran out of days!  There are many more pictures to come but here a few from the amusement park!
Noah loved riding the train!  Isn't MG a good sport too?!?

Davis got to ring the bell the whole time.  It was a tough job for his almost-4-year-old self but he rang it the whole time!

He also went to new heights flying this plane!

Davis picked a giraffe on the merry-go-round!

Noah picked a horse!  He seemed to be enjoying himself until about 1- full rotation and then B-R-O-K-E down!   Matt ended up having to hold him the rest of the time.

The highlight of the night!  Go-carts!  Going into it, I wasn't sure if this iwould end in smiles or tears.  I was a nervous mother hen for my cautious little boy but he didn't seem to be apprehensive at all- which was great!

Ready, set, GO!

Nothing like the wind blowing through your hair!

Could that smile be any bigger?  I think not!  Every time he went by a smile was on his face!  Just when we thought the go-cart experience couldn't go over any better we realized that our boys were in the #1 car.  Which is Thomas the tank engine's number too!  That is a BIG deal to this little boy!   I love it when God works in small ways to simply see the delight in His children's eyes!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We call him "No-bug"....

I feel like I haven't been as good as I would like to at updating the blog about Noah.  Partially because this kid keeps me BUSY!  Matt started calling him "No-bug" (he has a million nicknames for each of us) but this one has really stuck.   Our No-bug has got spunk and is constantly getting into to something!  He is a climber and will climb any and everything! He doesn't like to be told "No" but is finally starting to realize there are repercussions when he simply ignores the command. He only weighs 27 lbs. but I promise you he is the HEAVIEST 27 lbs. you have ever held. Just dead weight I tell you! I recently had someone ask me what I do to work out my arms- I showed them a picture of Noah.
He is a little harder to keep entertained then Davis was at this age, though he too loves a good book. He isn't very verbal but I think he says more than we give him credit for... I've heard him say the following words- "Mama, Da-da, Day for "Davis", shoe, banana, Elmo, choo-choo, car, Gigi, woof, quack, duck, and I'm sure there is more. Once again, he should probably be a little more ahead of where he is verbally but I think he is coming along, Davis just does most of his talking for him :) I do think he is smart though and he seems to have a lot of common sense, which honestly I wish I had more of!  He is very attached to his pacifier or "pa-pa."  He doesn't know it quite yet but they are heading towards a break-up by the end of summer.  Mommy is mean like that. ;)

He loves Davis. Every time we took Davis to school this past year and the workers came and got Davis out of the car, Noah would start screaming. Every. Time. Don't you know that they are praying Noah isn't in their class next year? :) However, I have no fear that Noah will do well in Mothers Morning out. He starts going two days a week in the fall. I anticipate he will spend a fair share in time out because he is ALL boy, but that's OK too! He will learn and we will love him through it!

He frequently sneaks up behind me and wraps his chubby little roly-polly arms around my neck and giggles. Melts my heart every time. His passionate, fiery personality is a handful that often leaves me humbled when we are out in public and exhausted at the end of the day, but y'all I just adore the kid.  ADORE HIM!   He and Davis are so different but great compliments. They each have attributes so different than each other that it's refreshing at times. Who knew we could produce such opposites?  And you know what?  They love each other so much!  I love having two of the same gender!  Though I'm pretty burned out on Thomas the tank engine... we've been in this phase for 2 years now and it's still going strong with both boys!  Pray for me :)

I often think God is so good and so wise because if I had been able to create our second born I would have said "make him just like Davis" but God knew I needed a spunky, chunky, one-dimpled "Noah" and I'm so very thankful. He is perfect for our family and helps our cup runneth over with joy & laughter!