Sunday, June 26, 2011

Plans, Trains, and well... go carts!

We recently traveled to Destin for a vacation with my parents!  One evening we went to this small amusement type park for some fun!  I wasn't quite sure how it would go over with Davis but he LOVED it, especially the go-carts!  We talked about going to do the go-carts one more time before we went home, but ran out of days!  There are many more pictures to come but here a few from the amusement park!
Noah loved riding the train!  Isn't MG a good sport too?!?

Davis got to ring the bell the whole time.  It was a tough job for his almost-4-year-old self but he rang it the whole time!

He also went to new heights flying this plane!

Davis picked a giraffe on the merry-go-round!

Noah picked a horse!  He seemed to be enjoying himself until about 1- full rotation and then B-R-O-K-E down!   Matt ended up having to hold him the rest of the time.

The highlight of the night!  Go-carts!  Going into it, I wasn't sure if this iwould end in smiles or tears.  I was a nervous mother hen for my cautious little boy but he didn't seem to be apprehensive at all- which was great!

Ready, set, GO!

Nothing like the wind blowing through your hair!

Could that smile be any bigger?  I think not!  Every time he went by a smile was on his face!  Just when we thought the go-cart experience couldn't go over any better we realized that our boys were in the #1 car.  Which is Thomas the tank engine's number too!  That is a BIG deal to this little boy!   I love it when God works in small ways to simply see the delight in His children's eyes!

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