Friday, July 30, 2010

The "Rehearsal Dinner"

My new brother-in-law is fantastic at the grill! We have benefited from many a meals he has prepared on his "Big Green Egg." A month or two before the big day my sister commissioned Matt to build a "Big Green Egg" table for Jimmy as her wedding present to him! Never one to turn down a project, Matt readily accepted the challenge and practically build this overnight (or so it seemed). Jennifer gave it to Jimmy right before their "Rehearsal Dinner." Since they weren't having any attendants or anything there really was nothing to rehearse so they went out to a very nice dinner just the two of them. We surprised Jimmy right before they left. At the last minute Davis came with us and if I had known that he was going to be so active in the presentation I would have dressed him nicer! Oh well- it was a great memory regardless! And the bride & groom looked great!

Jennifer and her wedding present a Louie Vuitton clutch. And yes, I just had to look up how to spell that because I'm that uncool. However, I have no doubt my sister could spell it in her sleep... even backwards :) She was thrilled with her present!The fabulous couple the eve before their wedding day!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Growing Family....

Umm yes, our family has grown! But not that way! It isn't my household that can claim the new addition. My sister got married at the beginning of July & I have a new brother-in-law and my kids have a new uncle! We are so excited and pleased for both Jennifer & Jimmy! Their journey is a testimony to the goodness & faithfulness of God. A reminder that we are not defined by our circumstances and thankfully God always works for the good of those who love him. And so often this "good" is so much more than we could ever imagine.
In two words the wedding was "elegant simplicity." Though my sister is a social butterfly to the core, she and Jimmy decided to only have family attend the wedding. They also decided to get married at the same church my parents and his parents wed in decades ago! And it was just the two of them. No bridesmaids, no groomsmen just the two of them vowing before God to come together and have a Christ-centered marriage. Before the ceremony the beautiful song "Be Thou Near To Me" stirred our hearts and lead me to reflect on how we need God in all seasons of life. He has shown us with great mercy just how much we need His grace & guidance. My sister with tear filled eyes walked down the aisle by herself to the song "To You Be The Glory". Jimmy met her halfway and they approached the alter arm in arm. This was one of my favorite parts of the whole day. Just the two of them. No frills but beauty abounded as God was was given all the Glory for the union we were about to witness. They exchanged beautiful vows that were saturated with sincerity and love. And prior to close of the ceremony the song "How Great is our God" echoed through the church! It was one glorious wedding & I'm honored to have been a witness to the beginning of their life together!
Afterwards we headed to 103 West and celebrated the event with a wonderful sit down lunch, cake, and a few of the Grooms favorite things: cheerwine, krispy cream donuts, and chick-fil-a brownies!
A few pictures from the ceremony...
My mom and my grandmother made these cute book wreaths that adorned each of the chapel doors!
My beautiful sister who is wearing the same veil I wore on my wedding day almost 7 years ago.My new brother-in-law Jimmy! So glad to have an "Uncle Jimmy" for my boys! He is not only a perfect fit for my sister but for our family as a whole.My sister showing her true side....Noah and all his cuteness...Davis and his Gigi...A not so flattering picture of our little family but it's the best one we got from the day! The boys didn't stay for the actual wedding or reception, they just made a short appearance beforehand! We felt like they wouldn't enjoy being there and would have way more fun with their G-Mama & Papa being the loud & crazy boys they are! Plus it would allow us the ability to focus on the event at hand. I think it was a wise choice as we had a great time and so did they! Thanks G-Mama & Papa for helping us all out once again!My grandmother with all of her grandsons. My dad looking all dapper in his bow tie! To say I adore my dad is an understatement.Me & my fabulous mom Pennie! I'm told I'm a mini-Pennie quite frequently. :)The cake... And wedding favors...

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Wash Down Station....

We've had some hot days recently and that means getting creative with our outdoor fun! We don't have a neighborhood pool but we do have a great sprinkler system that has lead to some fun! Specifically how we took Thomas (remember him from Halloween last year?) to the "wash down station" the other day. Davis LOVED this and took his job of cleaning Thomas very seriously. So much so that I wondered why I didn't have the kid washing my car instead! I'm mean seriously- where are my priorities? Maybe next time!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beach Time....

A few months ago my wonderful husband tried to plan a surprise trip to the beach for just the two of us! It didn’t work out for various reasons but I was so touched that he would even try to attempt such a task! So a few weeks later we planned a little get away for just the two of us! However, because there was an error in our reservations we got upgraded to a two-bedroom suite! This didn’t really serve us any good except for the fact that we had been contemplating taking Davis all along but couldn’t make up our mind. So the night before we left it was decided that my parents & Davis would join us a few days into our trip! Noah got the pleasure of staying with Papa& G’Mama and soaking up all the one-on-one attention. We figured he would like this a whole lot more than having to sit on a sandy hot beach while getting restless! I think it was a smart decision though we did indeed miss him!

Matt and I had a great time alone but also loved it when Davis,Gigi, & Granddaddy man arrived. This is the summer of the great BP oil spill :( While we were there it was projected that some of the oil would arrive on shores in Destin. Fortunately, it we didn’t see or smell any and as luck (or in my book, God's grace) would have it, the oil arrived a few days after we left. We were fortunate to miss it because for the first time ever Davis liked the ocean! That is until he got knocked down by a wave a day into the trip. Then he wanted nothing to do with the water! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Davis also enjoyed the sand, sun, and cool breeze! He built the Island of Sodor in the sand (Thomas’ home for all those non-Thomas fans out there). This really was nothing more than a mound of sand but with his imagination it was truly a masterpiece.

There were tons of helipcopeters flying overhead while we were there searching for oil in the water! For most people this would put a damper on their beach time but for Davis this was a highlight! We didn't spend a lot of time at the pool until the last day. I wish we had spent more time because Davis loved it & was very sad to leave!

As a matter of fact, I think we were all a little bummed to leave BUT we did have this little face to look foward to and he did not disappoint!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feet on the ground...

One evening Matt & I were sitting in our den and we heard Davis cry out from the keeping room for help! We turned the corner only to find him standing on his beloved train table unable to get down. He later told me that standing on the train table "was not a good idea at all!" Well, lesson learned buddy:)

(and yes, pants are highly overrated in his book)! Sooner or later this will need to be addressed but really you can only pull this off for so long! We will focus on growing up later- today we will embrace little boyhood!