Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby's Shower for Baby Noah

Two Sundays ago, one of my best friends Peaches and her mom threw me & Baby Noah an AWESOME baby shower! I wasn't sure if people threw showers for Baby #2's but they both wanted this baby to feel just as special as the first one (I know I feel that way but of course, I'm the mother)! And by judging the great crowd of wonderful women who attend the shower they were just as eager to celebrate our 2nd born son too! Aren't we so blessed? So we gathered together at my house (because a lot of people attending hadn't seen our new nest) and we ate all the wonderful food (fruits, cheese, crackers, cake & brownies) that Peach & Mrs. Yeomans prepared! It was all soooo good! We were also showered with great gifts & gift cards! I throughly enjoyed this shower so much! It was just a joy to spend the afternoon surronded by all my favorite women and to just feel so loved. A special thank you goes out to Peaches & Mrs. Yeomans for all the hard work, preparation, and cute little details that made this shower soooooo wonderful! Also, a thank you to all who attended and showered us with your generosity and kindess!

The shower had a blue & green color scheme that was just perfect for our soon-to-arrive little boy! They also used frogs throughout to add dimension and character to the shower! So cute and Davis especially loved this detail! You could tell that so much time and attention went into planning the shower & they were so gracious to haul all of these thing to my house and adorn it wtih cute deocrations, beautiful flowers & balloons! I literally didn't have to do a thing!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity- Let's Go Racing!

This past June as a father's day gift- Davis, Baby Gorman, & I gave Matt a gift certificate to the Nascar Racing Experience! My sister and I also gave one to my dad! You have to schedule months in adavance so they both had to wait till yesterday to cash in their certificate! The event is held at Atlanta Motor Speedway and basically you get to take a few laps around the racetrack in a racecar, driven by a race car driver (though not anyone we've heard of). Now, this doesn't sound appealing to me, but I thought my better half my like it! He isn't the biggest Nascar fan out there, but he does enjoy having the race on in the background when working on projects and occasionally actually sits down to watch the last few laps of a race! Plus what male doesn't want to go 176 mph in a car- it's a testerone thing! Turned out that despite it being a hot day & a little bit of a wait, they both really liked it! They said the curves were the most intense part and agreed it was a cool experience! Davis liked all the race cars too but didn't get to ride in one! In fact, by the time it was Daddy & Granddaddy's turn to make their nascar debut- he had fallen asleep in his stroller! Oh well, maybe next time!

Here are few pictures to document our experience....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of "School"

At the start of September Davis started another year at Mothers Morning Out! He was in the program last year (1 day a week) but wasn't able to go consistently because of ear & throat infections- so I"m afraid it wasn't every really part of his routine! He is now in the 2 year old program that mets twice a week for 4 hours a day! He wasn't too excited about it at first due to seperation anxiety! For the first week the teachers told me he kept repeating "Mommy's coming, Mommy's comming, Mommy's comming back for me" throughout the day! That kind of broke this Mama's heart! However, each week has gotten better and better. Now I would even go so far as to say I think he loves it and doesn't seem to miss his momma at all! He walks right in & never looks back and there are no tears! Exactly what I prayed for- so why does that still kind of break my heart too? Somestimes I don't even understand me!

The pictures below are not very good but were taken on his first day back to "school"!

His cheesy fake smile that often comes out when the camera comes out!

Monday, September 14, 2009


As mentioned in my last post, Davis now thinks his name is "Bubba"! It is a mystery to us where he picked this up but it seems to coincide to when he started back to school- so who knows? He thinks it's funny though! I especially like during the middle of the video when he is saying "Bubba" in a very low, serious voice (you may have to crank up the volume to hear him)! Sorry for the poor video skills, I keep forgetting that I can't turn the video vertical without causing motion sickness + plus Davis isn't going to sit still for long! Enjoy blogger family!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life as a Two year Old....

    Belown is a list of random information about our two year old! The purpose of this is strictly for documentation so my feelings will not be hurt if you decide to skip this post!

"Report Card" from Davis' 2 Year Old Check Up.

Height= 33' (25% percentile) and Weight= 26 lbs (30% percentile).

Davis here are a few things about your likes, dislikes, and quirks....

  • Need I say that you love a certain train named “Thomas”? You love Thomas the Tank Engine and all his friends (especially Percy, James, & Emily) but you are not really interested in watching him on TV! He just doesn’t hold your attention well!
  • You like holding DVDs! I know this sounds odd but you really, really like it! They tend to get scratched up and very beaten up but you love your “mooovies”. Once again, not necessarily watching them but holding them. You love putting them in the DVD player and then a few minutes later taking them out and putting another one in! This drives mommy & daddy so crazy that we’ve temporarily put up our DVD player until perhaps you grow out of this a bit!
  • You still love fruit like there is no tomorrow! Mandrain oranges seem to be your favorite!
  • Something that is a new discovery is ketchup! You LOVE yourself some ketchup!! And apparently it can be used as a condiment for anything and everything (including cucumbers- what a gross combination)! Just two nights ago we had pot roast- you requested some ketchup & Daddy obliged. As he was squirting it out you said “Ohhhhh, NICE!!!!
  • You love to look at airplanes up in the sky and buses that go by! They make your day and leave you looking and talking about them long after they’ve passed.
  • The clothing that fits you best is 18-24 months in pants (though I’ve been buying mostly 2T for the fall so you can grow into them) and 2T for the shirts! You’ve long been in 2T because they have bigger holes for your large noggin!
  • We have a challenging time finding shoes for your wide (slightly large feet)!
  • You love your blanket and “pa-pa” and these are key components for you to fall asleep! I’m hoping we can ditch the pacifier really soon- not quite sure what we are waiting on now. We just need to do it!
  • At your 2 year appointment you charmed all the nurses and impressed Dr. D. You counted up to 13 for him and then skipped to 17, 18, 19 20! Who cares about 14, 15, & 16, right? I’m not quite sure why we have such a hard time getting you past 13…
  • For 4 or 5 months now you’ve been able to tell us what each letter is by seeing it. Recently you like to spell words out that you see…. For instance, almost always when we go to publix you spell out the signs you see, ex. B-A-K-E-R-Y. It took me a while to realize you were spelling words- I like to think I was distracted but the truth of the matter is that you may be much smarter than mommy!
  • You are not a fan of crowded places or new places in general. It usually takes you a good while to get comfortable in front of lots of people- Daddy and I always say you get that honestly!
  • You’ve recently taken to walking the dogs. Not long ago when we were trying to potty train you (trying= key word) you and daddy went and walked the dogs. Unbeknowst to mommy, you were only wearing your big boy underwear and tennis shoes. Not sure why daddy thought this was appropriate but it was funny! My deepest apologies to my neighbors- I hope they have a good sense of humor!
  • You are starting to understand a little bit more about your baby brother growing in Mommy’s tummy! You will pat it & kiss my belly which warms my heart (you use to slowly pat it and then start pounding it)! Tonight you were driving your cars over the mountain (my belly) and the baby did a major shift. You looked petrified at first, but the next time it happened you said “Whoa!!!!”
  • You like to take us by the hand and lead us to all sorts of different places! It’s not uncommon for you to say “hand, hand, hand”
  • You are starting to try and put on your own clothing but haven’t mastered that skill yet (but it makes me laugh)!
  • You started sleeping in a big boy bed once we moved (around 19 months or so). At first you weren’t a fan (but it was also a brand new house). We took 4 nights off where you slept in your pack-n-play and after that we tried it again. Thankfully you had no problems adjusting after that!
  • You are working on mastering your colors but still have a good ways to go! However, red, blue, & yellow you can get right most of the time.
  • Lastly, you now know that your name is Davis Gorman (you pronounce our last name “Goman”). However, recently you’ve decided that we should have named you “Bubba” . We have no idea where this comes from but think it’s associated with you starting school. Every time we ask you what your name is and you say “Bubba” you crack up into a sheepish grin and start laughing. Crazy boy!

You are so darn stinkin cute and we can’t believe how much our lives have been enriched by one little boy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choo-Choo- The Big 2!

Davis had his official 2nd Birthday Party last Saturday! We decorated the house with his favorite thing- TRAINS (primarily Thomas & Friends of course)! He loved all the decorations and I had a hard time taking them down a few days after because they always put a big smile on his face! We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and family celebrate the birthday boy with us! Our house was filled to the brim with close friends and family with a sea of children playing so nicely together! Seriously- the kids all played SO well together! We had set up some water activities outside but most people choose to stay inside in the air conditioning (which we can’t blame them)! Fortunately, our great nephew Turner decided to play in the water which made the effort worthwhile!!! Davis is always a little apprehensive when it comes to large crowds and started the day off great until The Great CD Crisis of 2009. The Great CD Crisis of 2009, you say? Well, lets just say that somehow Davis got a hold of his DVD case that houses tons of his DVDS & for some reason he loves to get the CD’s out and carry them around! Thus they get all scratched up and the next time we watch them they don’t play very well (making an unhappy Davis)! So needless to say, I took the CD’s away from him which in turn made for a very unhappy birthday boy! All the kids were doing so well, but the birthday boy himself was the one crying L It is in circumstances like this that I question my parenting techniques- do I hold out and remain consistent or give in since it’s his birthday party. I held out folks and honestly, as silly as it is, I still waiver on what the right thing to do was because this incident combined with so many people in house lead to a fragile state of mind for him the rest of the party! Oh well, we do the best we can and I’m sure there will be much bigger crisis in the future (though wouldn’t it be awesome if there wasn’t)?

I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures due to various hosting responsiblities but here a few of some of the cute faces that brightened Davis' 2nd Birthday party...
Gabriella... Turner...James....Anna (we were taking picture s of each other)!
Davis leading Jimmy into the chaos.... "Come on in 'Immy"! Davis keeps the J silent!!!A little bit apprhensive when we first started singing happy birthday....
Quickly warming up to the attention...Davis isn't really a fan of sweets but was excited that he got a, you guessed it, Thomas cake!
In all we had 10 kids, and 32 adults attend the special occasion! We grilled hot dogs & had other low key food that for some reason was especially yummy to this pregnant woman that day! After most people had left we were going to put Davis down for his nap but then he discovered that the presents were indeed, for him!!!! Who knew? Presents for HIM!!!!! Suddenly he wasn’t quite so sleepy! He loved opening up the presents but we had to keep reminding him that there was more and to put the current item down and move on to the next! And I guess it’s no secret my son loves Thomas because I have never seen so much THOMAS stuff in my life! Seriously, everything from underwear to lunchboxes- we got it!

Both sets of grandparents hit home runs with their gifts! My parents got him a train table that now occupies a good portion of our keeping room- not really what I had in mind for a side table but much more realistic with a two year old! This has provided hours of entertainment for him and only fueled his love for trains! You like that play on words? JK! Many times we will be out and he will mention he wants to go home to play with his “twain table.” However, even the most avid train-lovers need a break from their passion and the present from Papa & G-Mama suites his other love so well- reading! Yes, he still loves a good book! So Matt’s parents got him a v-tech reader jr for his birthday along with tons of v-tech books & a handy dandy carrying case! If you are contemplating what to get your two year old for the upcoming Christmas- this would be one of my first suggestions! He loves it and it keeps him quite entertained. Though I do love reading to him, selfishly it’s nice to have a break every now & then!!!! I’m telling you check it out- I’m amazed at technology for kids these days! After all, I thought a Speak & Spell was cool as a kid!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate our little 2 year old and for you kindness & generosity! We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you for both our kids and yours!