Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby's Shower for Baby Noah

Two Sundays ago, one of my best friends Peaches and her mom threw me & Baby Noah an AWESOME baby shower! I wasn't sure if people threw showers for Baby #2's but they both wanted this baby to feel just as special as the first one (I know I feel that way but of course, I'm the mother)! And by judging the great crowd of wonderful women who attend the shower they were just as eager to celebrate our 2nd born son too! Aren't we so blessed? So we gathered together at my house (because a lot of people attending hadn't seen our new nest) and we ate all the wonderful food (fruits, cheese, crackers, cake & brownies) that Peach & Mrs. Yeomans prepared! It was all soooo good! We were also showered with great gifts & gift cards! I throughly enjoyed this shower so much! It was just a joy to spend the afternoon surronded by all my favorite women and to just feel so loved. A special thank you goes out to Peaches & Mrs. Yeomans for all the hard work, preparation, and cute little details that made this shower soooooo wonderful! Also, a thank you to all who attended and showered us with your generosity and kindess!

The shower had a blue & green color scheme that was just perfect for our soon-to-arrive little boy! They also used frogs throughout to add dimension and character to the shower! So cute and Davis especially loved this detail! You could tell that so much time and attention went into planning the shower & they were so gracious to haul all of these thing to my house and adorn it wtih cute deocrations, beautiful flowers & balloons! I literally didn't have to do a thing!

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Kad and Peaches said...

Aww, Shannon you are TOO sweet! We LOVED giving you and Noah the shower! So glad you enjoyed it. You are loved by so many!! Thanks for being such an amazing friend. =)