Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Day of "School"

At the start of September Davis started another year at Mothers Morning Out! He was in the program last year (1 day a week) but wasn't able to go consistently because of ear & throat infections- so I"m afraid it wasn't every really part of his routine! He is now in the 2 year old program that mets twice a week for 4 hours a day! He wasn't too excited about it at first due to seperation anxiety! For the first week the teachers told me he kept repeating "Mommy's coming, Mommy's comming, Mommy's comming back for me" throughout the day! That kind of broke this Mama's heart! However, each week has gotten better and better. Now I would even go so far as to say I think he loves it and doesn't seem to miss his momma at all! He walks right in & never looks back and there are no tears! Exactly what I prayed for- so why does that still kind of break my heart too? Somestimes I don't even understand me!

The pictures below are not very good but were taken on his first day back to "school"!

His cheesy fake smile that often comes out when the camera comes out!

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