Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choo-Choo- The Big 2!

Davis had his official 2nd Birthday Party last Saturday! We decorated the house with his favorite thing- TRAINS (primarily Thomas & Friends of course)! He loved all the decorations and I had a hard time taking them down a few days after because they always put a big smile on his face! We are so thankful to have so many wonderful friends and family celebrate the birthday boy with us! Our house was filled to the brim with close friends and family with a sea of children playing so nicely together! Seriously- the kids all played SO well together! We had set up some water activities outside but most people choose to stay inside in the air conditioning (which we can’t blame them)! Fortunately, our great nephew Turner decided to play in the water which made the effort worthwhile!!! Davis is always a little apprehensive when it comes to large crowds and started the day off great until The Great CD Crisis of 2009. The Great CD Crisis of 2009, you say? Well, lets just say that somehow Davis got a hold of his DVD case that houses tons of his DVDS & for some reason he loves to get the CD’s out and carry them around! Thus they get all scratched up and the next time we watch them they don’t play very well (making an unhappy Davis)! So needless to say, I took the CD’s away from him which in turn made for a very unhappy birthday boy! All the kids were doing so well, but the birthday boy himself was the one crying L It is in circumstances like this that I question my parenting techniques- do I hold out and remain consistent or give in since it’s his birthday party. I held out folks and honestly, as silly as it is, I still waiver on what the right thing to do was because this incident combined with so many people in house lead to a fragile state of mind for him the rest of the party! Oh well, we do the best we can and I’m sure there will be much bigger crisis in the future (though wouldn’t it be awesome if there wasn’t)?

I didn't get a chance to take very many pictures due to various hosting responsiblities but here a few of some of the cute faces that brightened Davis' 2nd Birthday party...
Gabriella... Turner...James....Anna (we were taking picture s of each other)!
Davis leading Jimmy into the chaos.... "Come on in 'Immy"! Davis keeps the J silent!!!A little bit apprhensive when we first started singing happy birthday....
Quickly warming up to the attention...Davis isn't really a fan of sweets but was excited that he got a, you guessed it, Thomas cake!
In all we had 10 kids, and 32 adults attend the special occasion! We grilled hot dogs & had other low key food that for some reason was especially yummy to this pregnant woman that day! After most people had left we were going to put Davis down for his nap but then he discovered that the presents were indeed, for him!!!! Who knew? Presents for HIM!!!!! Suddenly he wasn’t quite so sleepy! He loved opening up the presents but we had to keep reminding him that there was more and to put the current item down and move on to the next! And I guess it’s no secret my son loves Thomas because I have never seen so much THOMAS stuff in my life! Seriously, everything from underwear to lunchboxes- we got it!

Both sets of grandparents hit home runs with their gifts! My parents got him a train table that now occupies a good portion of our keeping room- not really what I had in mind for a side table but much more realistic with a two year old! This has provided hours of entertainment for him and only fueled his love for trains! You like that play on words? JK! Many times we will be out and he will mention he wants to go home to play with his “twain table.” However, even the most avid train-lovers need a break from their passion and the present from Papa & G-Mama suites his other love so well- reading! Yes, he still loves a good book! So Matt’s parents got him a v-tech reader jr for his birthday along with tons of v-tech books & a handy dandy carrying case! If you are contemplating what to get your two year old for the upcoming Christmas- this would be one of my first suggestions! He loves it and it keeps him quite entertained. Though I do love reading to him, selfishly it’s nice to have a break every now & then!!!! I’m telling you check it out- I’m amazed at technology for kids these days! After all, I thought a Speak & Spell was cool as a kid!

Thank you to all who came to celebrate our little 2 year old and for you kindness & generosity! We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you for both our kids and yours!

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