Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Loose ends...

I have a few more pictures from the beach (much more candid than before) that I wanted to share for documentation purposes! We headed to Gulf Shores for a family vacation to meet up with our Texas-living side of the family! I would say it was a half way point but we definitely had the better drive!

The trip was suppose to be a Saturday- Saturday trip but we headed to Gulf Shores on Thursday because Matt was going to have to leave early on Monday to attend to business at work! The Wednesday before we left Davis came down with yet another throat infection! Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Nothing gets him feeling more lousy than these darn throat infections! So we honestly weren't quite sure if we would go down early or not! We just so happened to have an ENT appointment on Thursday morning for a follow up to his ear tubes and the specialist got to take a good look at his red, infectious, throat! In the past we had been told that antibiotics wouldn't help, however the specialist felt there might be a slight possibility that they might help and thought it was well worth giving it a try! I was so ecstatic I could have kissed the man! Seriously, it's hard feeling so helpless & passive when it typically takes 3-4 really tough days before he begins to feel better! He also felt like with the consistent pattern of throat infections that he may be a good candidate to have his tonsils removed in the future :( We are just going to wait it out a little bit and see if the problem continues and reevaluate later this fall!

With all that said, we gave Davis his antibiotic and he seemed to feel so much better instantly (though he had a hard time keeping the medicine down because he would hardly eat ANYTHING)! We decided to just take a leap of faith and head to the beach! Looking back it was a good decision though we didn't spend much time at the beach on Friday or Saturday because he still wasn't 100% and we didn't want to push our luck! But you know sometimes it's nice to just be away from home without any "projects" to do around the house and just focus on each other!

On Saturday we met up with my family and started our week of fun! My oldest cousin & his wife came with their two sons, Cole & Conner. This was my first time meeting the boys and I must say they are great kids! Davis thoroughly enjoyed the older boys company (they are entering the 1st and 3rd grade) and I think they enjoyed Davis' silly company as well! Thought the week was very overcast we had a great time! We even had another birthday celebration because my uncle, oldest cousin Jason, and Davis all had birthdays in August! So we seriously celebrated Davis' birthday all month! I think a great time was had by all!

Here Davis is having his first experience with play dough! He really liked it and surprisingly didn't try to eat it! He kept saying ssssssss snake!

His favorite part of the beach was going home and rinsing off with the hose! He does ok at the beach but still isn't a fan! I keep thinking "maybe next summer" but at some point I'm going to have to except the fact that my child just might not enjoy the beach like most!
He did however like wearing this silly hat that Jennifer and Jimmy bought for Granddaddy! It isn't too far from the way his hair naturally spikes up if only we would grow it longer.... which probably won't happen anytime soon!

Davis and Granddaddy at the beach!
Conner & Davis posing for a picture! Davis picked up the word "AWESOME" while hanging out with Conner!
Jimmy brought Davis a fishing pole that he loves! Thanks Jimmy! He is still getting loads of entertainment out of casting his fishing pole around the house! And actually so does Matt.... hmmmm, the perfect toy for both of them I guess!

A few pictures of the birthday celebration at the beach! Jennifer and Connor were the decorating committee. Later the balloons were used for water balloons! Never a dull moment with boys around!

It was a great trip!
On my next post I will be posting pictures from Davis' last & final birthday party this month! Can you say choo-choo???????

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