Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday MONTH!

Two Sundays ago we went over to Granna and Papaw's house (Davis' great grandparents) for a birthday celebration for the month of August! Every month we get together at their house (all 20+ of us) and celebrate the birthdays that fall within that month! And of course, it is offically August and that means Davis & Jimmy were the birthday boys of the celebration! Both of their birthdays fall at the end of the month but being the party animals we are (plus everyone's busy schedules) we decided to do the dinner at the beginning of the month! There were no complaints from Davis! Just look at him eating up the attention! Granna even made him is very own blueberry cake with special decorations! Poor Jimmy had to share his cake with everyone else! Tell me Davis doesn't know he is a lucky boy! He even blew out his candle on cue without any help! Granna & Papaw also got him is very first educational laptop! He loves it and I think he will continue to love it for sometime seeing how it has a ton of different games that we haven't even begun to uncover! Makes me laugh to think that my 2 year old son has a laptop! I didn't get my first one until I was in college- much less a cellphone (that was HUGE) until I was in approximatly 19! Times sure have changed! Thank you Granna & Papaw for kicking off Davis' birthday month with a wonderful celebration! We love you!

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