Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Flies... Happy 2nd Birthday Davis!

There are some moments in life that fade with time, and some that stay as vivid as the day they occur. Without a doubt walking down the aisle to my marry the love of my life, and meeting my son for the first time are as real as the day they occurred. Each of these events has an anniversary coming up! And both involve all the important men in my life (my dad, matt, and of course, Davis)!

This morning I’m choosing to reflect on the 7.28 lbs blessing that occurred on August 25, 2007 and changed our world forever, as most kids do! Needless to say we were naive as to what the birth of our firstborn would entail- nor the emotions that would accompany such a blessing. I think Matt summed it up best when he simply looked at me and said “how can anyone not believe in God after witnessing such a miracle?” And as cliché as it sounds, a miracle it truly is.

Our tiny baby boy is growing up! Onesies look really funny on the little guy; he can run in circles around us, and heck… He is even starting to grow into his big size head and we have finally found a haircut that “works” for his unruly hair (though I miss the days when it stuck out everywhere- after all, it was his “signature” look)!

We aren’t sure if it’s related to the tubes he had placed in his ears in July or just a coincidence but it seems like he is talking more and more with each day that passes. His new sayings are “No-K” his own abbreviation for No thank you. When watching a movie and the blue screen pops up with the Federal Regulation warning he likes to say “Jail” and of course he repeats anything related to Thomas the Train countless times a day!

He has started saying more complex things as well and incorporating compound words and small sentences into his vocabulary. Tonight Matt said “Yes, darling” to me and Davis quickly repeated his words- so funny! He also has taken to saying “AWESOME” with total conviction! So funny my friends, so funny! My sister’s mission for this past week at the beach was to teach him to say “Word Up”. Not quite sure why, but she was successful. So I apologize if my son sounds ghetto when greeting you- you can blame it on his Aunt Jennifer or “Fur” as he sometimes calls her.

Many people ask if Davis is aware of his baby brother’s looming presence and my response is typically “yes & no”. Yes, you can ask him where his baby brother is and he will point to my belly but do I think he really gets it? No, not really. Though I do think he is bright that is a complex thing to understand! Honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself that there really is life growing in me! That is a powerful thing and something I’m still in awe myself!

I look forward to seeing Davis grown into his big brother status and working through the “terrible two’s”. I’m unsure of all that lies ahead of us and how to navigate through those waters but the one thing I am sure of is that we will get through it with God’s help. He has blessed us so much in these first two years of Davis’ life and I’m feel confident he will continue to guide our family and help us raise up our boys up in the way he/they should go.

When you ask him how old he will be on his birthday he has responded on more than one occasion “Two….. Five….. Seventeen” with gusto! And in a way, I can help but laugh at the irony because well…. He is growing up way to fast much to my dismay! I know God has might plans for this little guy and I look forward to seeing them unfold- truly I do! But Heavenly Father, if I could just bottle up this time and keep it with me a little bit longer it would be a true joy for both his daddy and me!

Davis' Birthday- 8-25-07
Davis 1st Birthday- 8-25-08Davis' 2nd Birthday (or a few days prior) 8-25-09

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Kad and Peaches said...

This is so sweet, Shannon. You are an amazing Mom, with a precious son. Happy Birthday Davis!