Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Aboard- Noah's 1st Birthday Gift....

A custom in our little family is for Matt to make each child a custom designed, hand built heirloom during their first year of life.  For Davis, my talented husband built an adorable rocking-boat.  For Noah, it was a train (seeing how he has adopted his brother's affection for all things that go choo-choo)!  Both boys are enjoying the new addition immensely and I'm super proud of my talented husband.   The pictures never do his work justice.  Thank you MG once again for blessing us with your beautiful work and for letting me be a mother to your cute sons!  Happy Birthday Noah!  I hope whenever you look at your train you know how much you are loved!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noah & Matt's Milestone Birthday Bash...

A few weekends ago we had a birthday party for Matt's 30th & Noah's 1st birthday! Isn't that a fun combination? Matt's work schedule had been beyond hectic due to a big project "going live" that week but he managed to take a day off so we could celebrate our sweet little boy's birthday and his 30 years of life! Now, I must tell you I wasn't behind the camera that day. I was too busy being the hostess. With that said, Matt got some great pictures of some really cute kids but absolutely zero pictures of the small details that were put into the party (like the cupcake picks I spent some time one, flower arrangements, baby pictures displayed, etc...). So with that said, please try to imagine a little bit of decor cuteness! We had a variety of soups for people to choose from (thanks Gigi & G-mama for helping), pinwheel roll ups, yummy apple dip, and few other things. In our front yard we put up a small bounce house (that Matt surprised me & the boys with a few days prior to the party- talk about a fun surprise)& a just a few other toys! It was a fun casual party with WONDERFUL friends & BEAUTIFUL weather!

Birthday boys!
Hello Peaches & Kruz! Kruz pulls off a Mohawk like no one else!
Kruz's sister Gabriella!
Miss Lauren being so very cute...
Tuner & Davis cruising around!
Cute little brothers...
Happy Birthday Noah Gorman!
Look at all these sweet girls loaded up in Thomas the Train!
Noah with his G-Mama!
Noah & Mommy...
Davis running around after hitting a baseball!
Thanks to all who came and shared in the fun of Matt turning 3o and Noah turning 1!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Noah's First Birthday Cupcake...

We celebrated Noah's 1st birthday a few weekends ago. There will be more pictures to come but can I just say that his first year of life flew by just as fast as he ate his birthday cupcake (which was fast)!

A picture before the actual inhaling! I think he was reserving his energy!

Actually he had some fluid on his ears, not infected- thank goodness, but I sitll think they were kind of bothering the birthday boy!

First bite....


Grabbing some more of that frosting!

I'm not going to get in trouble for this right?

Now you see it....

Now you don't!

These cupcakes were a gift from Cynthia over at Ruffles and Truffles! If you haven't tried her stuff- it is fabulous! I've never had anything from her I didn't like! You can find her at!/pages/Ruffles-and-Truffles/111428662256064. Thanks Cynthia!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010- The Year of the Shark & Dinosaur

Trick or Treat!!!!! Trick or Treating with some of our friends!!!!

Cutest shark this mommy has ever seen! Davis was a little hesitant with other kids dressed up but quickly overcame his reservations. By the second house he was loving Halloween!

More Treats!

The kids were ADORABLE & so good all night!

Davis kept referring to the duo below as Elmo & Noah (not Kruz & Noah)! It cracked us up!
Ever heard of a flying shark?
Noah was exhausted! And kept leaning over to rest! I think he may have even dosed off! Isn't Gabriella cute in the background? She loved her some Noah on Halloween night! So sweet! Snuggles @ the end of the night from my favorite Dinosaur and Shark...

Groups shots at the end of the night! Kruz/Elmo- 9 months, Gabriella/Abby Cadabbie 2.5 years, Noah/Dinosaur- 1 year, Davis/Shark- 3 years Peaches & I- who the heck cares?
Peaches, Rosie, & I have have made some wonderful memories over the past 16+ years- but this Halloween with our husbands and kiddos is one of my all-time favorites!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Eve of Halloween....

The night before halloween my parents decided to have have an impromptu cook out to watch the GA game and take advantage of their beautiful backyard patio. I felt it only appropriate to bust out the halloween costumes as a rehearsal of sorts. Here is Davis debut as a Shark (outfit selected purely by himself. The costume was purchased a few weeks before and i kept the receipt because I wouldn't have been surprised if he didn't want to wear it come the actual day but I couldn't have been more wrong. He loved it & seemed very proud of himself)! Aunt Jennifer greeted us at the door!

Davis waiting patiently and knocking at the door!

Noah the Dinosaur joining in on the action! Isn't his tail cute?

Family pictures, that I can't believe I"m posting but trying to put all pride aside for the sake of family mementos!

Mommy & Daivs saying "Chomp". Daddy & Noah unamused!
Davis loves makeing faces these days. Happy faces, mad faces, silly faces, and of course sad faces!

Uncle Jimmy collects shark's teeth (lots and lots of sharks teeth)! Here Davis is giving him one of his teeth!

Later in the evening we decided to carve our pumpkin. We thought Davis would help more but really he was more of the commentator and smores make than anything else! Thanks MG for carving a great pumpkin! Maybe next year you will have more help!

Not sure who is rounder- the pumpkin or Noah! And yes, look at all that drool. We go through several shirts a day despite bibs being used. We are just at that stage! Ready for all those teeth to come in!

My sweet little pumpkin!