Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010- The Year of the Shark & Dinosaur

Trick or Treat!!!!! Trick or Treating with some of our friends!!!!

Cutest shark this mommy has ever seen! Davis was a little hesitant with other kids dressed up but quickly overcame his reservations. By the second house he was loving Halloween!

More Treats!

The kids were ADORABLE & so good all night!

Davis kept referring to the duo below as Elmo & Noah (not Kruz & Noah)! It cracked us up!
Ever heard of a flying shark?
Noah was exhausted! And kept leaning over to rest! I think he may have even dosed off! Isn't Gabriella cute in the background? She loved her some Noah on Halloween night! So sweet! Snuggles @ the end of the night from my favorite Dinosaur and Shark...

Groups shots at the end of the night! Kruz/Elmo- 9 months, Gabriella/Abby Cadabbie 2.5 years, Noah/Dinosaur- 1 year, Davis/Shark- 3 years Peaches & I- who the heck cares?
Peaches, Rosie, & I have have made some wonderful memories over the past 16+ years- but this Halloween with our husbands and kiddos is one of my all-time favorites!

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Kad and Peaches said...

Love your post. Love your dinosaur and shark. Love your one of a kind friendship. =)