Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noah & Matt's Milestone Birthday Bash...

A few weekends ago we had a birthday party for Matt's 30th & Noah's 1st birthday! Isn't that a fun combination? Matt's work schedule had been beyond hectic due to a big project "going live" that week but he managed to take a day off so we could celebrate our sweet little boy's birthday and his 30 years of life! Now, I must tell you I wasn't behind the camera that day. I was too busy being the hostess. With that said, Matt got some great pictures of some really cute kids but absolutely zero pictures of the small details that were put into the party (like the cupcake picks I spent some time one, flower arrangements, baby pictures displayed, etc...). So with that said, please try to imagine a little bit of decor cuteness! We had a variety of soups for people to choose from (thanks Gigi & G-mama for helping), pinwheel roll ups, yummy apple dip, and few other things. In our front yard we put up a small bounce house (that Matt surprised me & the boys with a few days prior to the party- talk about a fun surprise)& a just a few other toys! It was a fun casual party with WONDERFUL friends & BEAUTIFUL weather!

Birthday boys!
Hello Peaches & Kruz! Kruz pulls off a Mohawk like no one else!
Kruz's sister Gabriella!
Miss Lauren being so very cute...
Tuner & Davis cruising around!
Cute little brothers...
Happy Birthday Noah Gorman!
Look at all these sweet girls loaded up in Thomas the Train!
Noah with his G-Mama!
Noah & Mommy...
Davis running around after hitting a baseball!
Thanks to all who came and shared in the fun of Matt turning 3o and Noah turning 1!


Kad and Peaches said...

You threw a fantastic party, friend! And you have some amazingly cute, loveable boys to celebrate with. Sorry about the none existant pictures of decor...I'll vouch for you...it was SO CUTE!

Lee said...

No cuter birthday boys anywhere (Davis included, too)! Everyone had a great time. What fun to celebrate two special people on the same day. Good planning, Matt and Shannon!