Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fresh Air & T-Bone Steaks....

The house we stayed at when we went to the beach had not juse one... but two golf carts we could use to ride around the plantation! Davis thought this was sooo cool. He loved picking out which color golf cart he wanted to ride in (red or green) and would often comment "Feel the fresh air!" Davis couldn't wait to show Daddy the new wheels when he joined us mid week!

I too enjoyed the golf carts until Matt & I were almost eaten by a big scary dog who chased after us while we were riding around one day. I learned that golf carts don't have nearly as much "pick up and go" as I would have imagined. Never a dull moment I tell you! I was so thankful the kids weren't with us! Noah might have been mistaken for a t-bone steak & I have a feeling Davis would've hated dogs forever (which would have been problematic seeing how we have two dogs of our own)!

Oh well, I digress... here are a few pictures of the good times on the golf cart the last night of our trip! My boys are the cutest, and I like the dog, could just eat them up!And this little guy is just to cute not to get a closer look at!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Davis' Turns the Big T-H-R-E-E

Last month we celebrated Davis' 3rd birthday! Davis had been looking forward to this day for months... and I mean months! I think it was back in June when he first started asking if it was his birthday yet. So morning after morning I had to tell him "Not yet!" One day I got tired of answering the same question each morning, so I told him "You will know it's your birthday when you wake up and there are tons of balloons in your room." This tactic actual worked... most days at least! When Davis' birthday did finally arrive we were at the beach (Amelia Island to be exact). I had kind of forgotten this aspect when I had originally told him about the balloons but it was easy to overcome but maybe not the same effect as if he was in his own room. We put Davis down to bed and Matt, Granddaddy, and I got to work blowing up 75 balloons that we could put in the room that all 4 of us were sharing! A balloon or two may or may not have popped in the transfer but amazingly it didn't wake Davis up! Oh and one thing to mention is yes, he is sleeping in on a palate in the closet.. I mean cubby hole! He actually liked that too!

My sweet TWO year old sleeping his sweet two year old dreams surrounded by balloons (pictures don't do it justice)!

Waking up in the morning to his THREE year old birthday! Happy Birthday sweet boy!Crawling in bed with Mommy and Daddy before the day really began. It was a sweet, sweet, silly time with our big boy. My favorite part of the day.Eating his birthday pancakes! Davis was quite impressed that Daddy made him circle pancakes! We usually make them into mickey mouse or trains (from a cookie cutter we have @ home) but the circles (which happen to be the shape of the month at school) really excited him! What can Daddy say- he aims to please!The day was spent recovering from colds we all had, a little bit of beach time, and a little bit of pool time. Jennifer & Jimmy arrived just in time to grill out steaks & eat some cake! Which is important because this birthday celebration wasn't only for Davis but for Uncle Jimmy too! Jimmy turned 32 one day before Davis turned 3! This happened to be very convenient for our fancy cakes we made :)
Davis later told me "I turned three & Jimmy turned 2!" Hmmm.... not sure we've ever counted high enough to 32 for him to understand!
Being three never tasted so good! Happy 3rd Birthday sweet boy! Thank you for three of the best years of your mommy's & daddy's life!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday cousins!

Three years ago, our family was blessed with these 2 cuties- born 2 weeks apart! Davis turned 3 at the end of August & his cousin, T, turns 3 at the end of this week! That gives us more than enough reason to put our party hats on and celebrate these little boys!

Such different little personalities but both are so sweet!Let it be known that around his 3rd birthday I stopped using T's birth name and started calling him Slugger. My nephew has an incredible baseball swing!
Davis loved all the gifts they both received- afterall it's double the toys to play with!
Happy Birthday boys! Life was changed for the better 3 years ago!
(We spent Davis' birthday at the beach & will have another birthday post to come)!