Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fresh Air & T-Bone Steaks....

The house we stayed at when we went to the beach had not juse one... but two golf carts we could use to ride around the plantation! Davis thought this was sooo cool. He loved picking out which color golf cart he wanted to ride in (red or green) and would often comment "Feel the fresh air!" Davis couldn't wait to show Daddy the new wheels when he joined us mid week!

I too enjoyed the golf carts until Matt & I were almost eaten by a big scary dog who chased after us while we were riding around one day. I learned that golf carts don't have nearly as much "pick up and go" as I would have imagined. Never a dull moment I tell you! I was so thankful the kids weren't with us! Noah might have been mistaken for a t-bone steak & I have a feeling Davis would've hated dogs forever (which would have been problematic seeing how we have two dogs of our own)!

Oh well, I digress... here are a few pictures of the good times on the golf cart the last night of our trip! My boys are the cutest, and I like the dog, could just eat them up!And this little guy is just to cute not to get a closer look at!

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