Monday, November 5, 2012

First Day of School Fall 2012

A few pictures of Davis' first day of school this fall!  I also took some of Noah's first day of school (the very next day but I can't seem to find them anywhere :(  I will keep searching.  He was precious and did great the first day!

 Davis and Gabriella (some of our best friends)...

 A little teacher's gift...
 We think we struck gold this year with both of our boys teachers this year!  And let me say that is SUCH a wonderful blessing!!!  This was a picture I took with my cell phone Noah's first day.   He always looks so cute in his car seat- perhaps because he has to be still!

A little steak-n-shake for a back-to-school treat!

Graduating 4 year old preschool- May 2012