Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A playdate with Gabriella...

The other day Gabriella & my best friend Peaches came over to our new house for our first playdate of the summer! Gabriella just celebrated her first birthday and is a true cutie- don't ya think?Not quite sure why I didn't go slip a shirt on my son.... there really isn't an excuse! We aren't that redneck I promise! Oh.... so cute!

"G" is for Gabriella!
Playing in the pack in play with all the stuffed animals! Davis wasn't very good at sharing his toys- we have a few things we need to work on before Baby Gorman comes don't we?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Below is a game that Davis invented himself about 2 months ago- he likes to take his alphabet puzzle pieces and match each letter up to his alphabet flashcards! As a type this I realize that flashcards for an 18 month old (at the time) sounds pretty intense. Please know we don't drill him- he just likes to play with the cards and the learning thing is just a plus!
Here D is playing with one of his favorite toys! Elmo's Restaurant- it has a jingle, a cash register, a fridge, and an oven! Not to mention the voices of his favorite sesame street characters. He loves this thing!!!! Thanks Aunt Jennifer!Davis also loves to go crusing in his car!
But Granddaddy wanted to show him what real cruising was. So he let him sit in the BMW with the top down! Not long after consectutive hair days like the one above we took Davis to get a big brother haircut! We take him about every 4 weeks but this time daddy told the lady that "we wanted to get our money's worth"! I think she delivered! His hair is so short now but I think we all are loving it- though it does make him look so much older! And the best thing about it- I think we can do this haircut at home!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "Lost" Pictures...

The past 6 months I've done a terrible job at taking pictures of our little man and an even worse job of posting pictures! In an effort to ease my guilt I decided to recap the months of March, April, and May through the pictures below!

First a few pictures from Easter 2009:

The bucket on the left is courtesy of our furry friend the Easter Bunny, the bucket on the right Davis "made" at his mothers morning out program! He loved it and carried that one around with him to collect all the eggs! Many times he would get so caught up in the eggs that when he dropped them in they would fall out and would keep picking them up over and over again not realizing it was the same egg! Quite entertaining... for a little while :) Easter afternoon Davis woke up with a fever that only got worse on Monday! We took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a wicked throat infection that I don't wish upon my worst enemy! Light night cold baths, very little sleep, and no appetite lead for a long week following his second Easter!

In an effort to be creative, my mom & I attempted to make these cute cake pops for Easter! We laughed until we cried because we thought it was such a disaster! However, looking back I think they are kind of cute! Plus they stayed fresh for a really long time and tasted pretty good too! But one was certainly enough to savor the average sweet tooth!Oh & Easter 2009 is when we announced to most that Davis was going to be a big brother. He takes his role as a big brother very seriously as you can see below....
In May we got together with the Gorman family for Mothers day and Stacy was the smart mom who brought bubbles for the boys! What a blast!

Here is Davis waiting with anticipation!Here is his cousin Turner gearing up for the bubble festivities!Davis trying very hard to blow bubbles with the big wand. Unfortunately, he never really got the hang of it!So, he decided if you can't beat them.... eat them! Seriously, he kept licking and licking the stick! Didn't seem to bother him one bit!Turner on the other hand, well....Look at those cute lips master the perfect bubble blowing form...Such a master bubble blower! Fortunately, Davis got such a kick out of Turner's mad bubble skills that he didn't even notice that he hardly blew a single bubble!
We had to leave this event right at nap time because Davis was SO tired. He literally feel asleep once we turned out of the driveway!
Speaking of sleep- we typically let him take 3 items to bed each night. A blanket, pacifier ("pa-pa"), & a book of his choice! Recently, he has loved looking at coloring books so many of nights he chooses a coloring book. I guess he got a little bit bored with this one though...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An overdue update...

Well friends, we have officially moved! As I type I find myself in a place I never would have dreamed of 6 months ago! Amazing how things can change so fast isn’t it? And while the house isn’t huge by some people’s standards or even perfect, it is perfect for our growing family and I look forward to the memories that will unfold here for years to come. I pray the walls of this house are filled with a family that glorifies God to the fullest! It’s not the boxes of “Stuff” that overflow our garage that make our house a home. It’s is quite simply being together that has already made this house “our home”.

Moving is always such an overwhelming experience no matter if you are single or family of eight. I just don’t know who finds pleasure in moving! However, moving always reminds me just how blessed we are. And the reminder doesn’t come in the form of boxes but more of the support we receive from friends and family! This is our 3rd time moving in our 5 ½ years of marriage and each time it seems like our parents go above and beyond in supporting our antics even though both sets of parents have lived in the same house for decades! I know our shenanigans may seem foreign to them but they have a way of making us feel as if maybe we aren’t so crazy and seem genuinely excited for us. They are always there each step of the way for us!

Speaking of family, Matt’s sister & nephew, Stacy and Turner came on moving day and hung out with Davis (who had a double ear infection and throat infection- poor little guy)! What a relief to have so many reliable hands there to keep an eye on Davis during such a hectic day! And he and Turner had a blast (or so I heard because I was in and out most of the day)! Nothing makes me happier then to know my little boy is being well taken care of and is happy!

My sister, was our real-estate agent for both the selling of our old house and the buying of our new house. We may have driven her crazy on both sides of the journey but we are grateful for all of her help and patience.

Lastly, our friends took the time out of their busy lives and loaded up countless trucks and trailers and moved us out and in during record time! How nice it is to have such good friends! And it isn’t just the guys, it’s the girls who sacrificed a Saturday with their husbands so they could help us! All parties are so very much appreciated (even if the guys did give me grief about my elliptical machine- I have used it before- seriously)!

All of this to say, that I thought it would take time for us to feel at home in this new house. And though, there are some adjustments to be made- our house became our home on the first day here! I could feel God's love & support through family and friends- and it's reassuring when so much is changing in life to know that HE has a plan and that none of this is taking him by surprise.

At our wedding, we had our friend SARAH sing a song by Watermark called My heart, Your home. Ironically this song was sung when we were supposed to kneel in prayer but well, we forgot to kneel! But it turns out that it was still a special moment and I hope that one day God can forgive us for not getting on bended knee! As we moved I reflected on the lyrics in prayer. As I look at the lyrics it sounds kind of cheesy but folks, this is really my prayer for my personal walk with the Lord, for the unity in my marriage, for the walls of my children’s heart and for the walls of my house. I just pray once again, that God will settle in here and be all we ever need. May we as a family continue to praise him, not just for the physical reminders of the blessings we have but of the relationships in our lives.

Come and make my heart Your home.
Come and be everything I am and all I know.
Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You.

A home for You, Lord.
A home for You, Lord.
Let everything I do open up,
A door for You to come through,
And that my heart would be a place where You want to be.
Come and make my heart Your home.
Come and be everything I am and all I know.
Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You.
You are my portion, filling up everything.
You are the fortune that's causing my heart to sing.
That it's amazing, that You could make Yourself at home with me.
Come and make my heart,
Come and make it Your home.
Come and be everything I am and all I know.
Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You.

OK- well remember peeps, I may be the least succinct person you have ever met! And for that I do apologize! Thanks for praying for us and supporting us through this journey! Big news comes on Friday as we get a sneak peak at our upcoming bundle of joy and hopefully find out the gender! Please pray for a healthy baby and I will be sure to keep you posted on if it will be “snipes & snails” or “sugar & spice”! Oh, I can’t wait!!!!