Thursday, June 18, 2009

Below is a game that Davis invented himself about 2 months ago- he likes to take his alphabet puzzle pieces and match each letter up to his alphabet flashcards! As a type this I realize that flashcards for an 18 month old (at the time) sounds pretty intense. Please know we don't drill him- he just likes to play with the cards and the learning thing is just a plus!
Here D is playing with one of his favorite toys! Elmo's Restaurant- it has a jingle, a cash register, a fridge, and an oven! Not to mention the voices of his favorite sesame street characters. He loves this thing!!!! Thanks Aunt Jennifer!Davis also loves to go crusing in his car!
But Granddaddy wanted to show him what real cruising was. So he let him sit in the BMW with the top down! Not long after consectutive hair days like the one above we took Davis to get a big brother haircut! We take him about every 4 weeks but this time daddy told the lady that "we wanted to get our money's worth"! I think she delivered! His hair is so short now but I think we all are loving it- though it does make him look so much older! And the best thing about it- I think we can do this haircut at home!

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Kad and Peaches said...

I LOVE the big boy haircut!