Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Loose ends...

I have a few more pictures from the beach (much more candid than before) that I wanted to share for documentation purposes! We headed to Gulf Shores for a family vacation to meet up with our Texas-living side of the family! I would say it was a half way point but we definitely had the better drive!

The trip was suppose to be a Saturday- Saturday trip but we headed to Gulf Shores on Thursday because Matt was going to have to leave early on Monday to attend to business at work! The Wednesday before we left Davis came down with yet another throat infection! Yuck, yuck, yuck!!! Nothing gets him feeling more lousy than these darn throat infections! So we honestly weren't quite sure if we would go down early or not! We just so happened to have an ENT appointment on Thursday morning for a follow up to his ear tubes and the specialist got to take a good look at his red, infectious, throat! In the past we had been told that antibiotics wouldn't help, however the specialist felt there might be a slight possibility that they might help and thought it was well worth giving it a try! I was so ecstatic I could have kissed the man! Seriously, it's hard feeling so helpless & passive when it typically takes 3-4 really tough days before he begins to feel better! He also felt like with the consistent pattern of throat infections that he may be a good candidate to have his tonsils removed in the future :( We are just going to wait it out a little bit and see if the problem continues and reevaluate later this fall!

With all that said, we gave Davis his antibiotic and he seemed to feel so much better instantly (though he had a hard time keeping the medicine down because he would hardly eat ANYTHING)! We decided to just take a leap of faith and head to the beach! Looking back it was a good decision though we didn't spend much time at the beach on Friday or Saturday because he still wasn't 100% and we didn't want to push our luck! But you know sometimes it's nice to just be away from home without any "projects" to do around the house and just focus on each other!

On Saturday we met up with my family and started our week of fun! My oldest cousin & his wife came with their two sons, Cole & Conner. This was my first time meeting the boys and I must say they are great kids! Davis thoroughly enjoyed the older boys company (they are entering the 1st and 3rd grade) and I think they enjoyed Davis' silly company as well! Thought the week was very overcast we had a great time! We even had another birthday celebration because my uncle, oldest cousin Jason, and Davis all had birthdays in August! So we seriously celebrated Davis' birthday all month! I think a great time was had by all!

Here Davis is having his first experience with play dough! He really liked it and surprisingly didn't try to eat it! He kept saying ssssssss snake!

His favorite part of the beach was going home and rinsing off with the hose! He does ok at the beach but still isn't a fan! I keep thinking "maybe next summer" but at some point I'm going to have to except the fact that my child just might not enjoy the beach like most!
He did however like wearing this silly hat that Jennifer and Jimmy bought for Granddaddy! It isn't too far from the way his hair naturally spikes up if only we would grow it longer.... which probably won't happen anytime soon!

Davis and Granddaddy at the beach!
Conner & Davis posing for a picture! Davis picked up the word "AWESOME" while hanging out with Conner!
Jimmy brought Davis a fishing pole that he loves! Thanks Jimmy! He is still getting loads of entertainment out of casting his fishing pole around the house! And actually so does Matt.... hmmmm, the perfect toy for both of them I guess!

A few pictures of the birthday celebration at the beach! Jennifer and Connor were the decorating committee. Later the balloons were used for water balloons! Never a dull moment with boys around!

It was a great trip!
On my next post I will be posting pictures from Davis' last & final birthday party this month! Can you say choo-choo???????

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Flies... Happy 2nd Birthday Davis!

There are some moments in life that fade with time, and some that stay as vivid as the day they occur. Without a doubt walking down the aisle to my marry the love of my life, and meeting my son for the first time are as real as the day they occurred. Each of these events has an anniversary coming up! And both involve all the important men in my life (my dad, matt, and of course, Davis)!

This morning I’m choosing to reflect on the 7.28 lbs blessing that occurred on August 25, 2007 and changed our world forever, as most kids do! Needless to say we were naive as to what the birth of our firstborn would entail- nor the emotions that would accompany such a blessing. I think Matt summed it up best when he simply looked at me and said “how can anyone not believe in God after witnessing such a miracle?” And as cliché as it sounds, a miracle it truly is.

Our tiny baby boy is growing up! Onesies look really funny on the little guy; he can run in circles around us, and heck… He is even starting to grow into his big size head and we have finally found a haircut that “works” for his unruly hair (though I miss the days when it stuck out everywhere- after all, it was his “signature” look)!

We aren’t sure if it’s related to the tubes he had placed in his ears in July or just a coincidence but it seems like he is talking more and more with each day that passes. His new sayings are “No-K” his own abbreviation for No thank you. When watching a movie and the blue screen pops up with the Federal Regulation warning he likes to say “Jail” and of course he repeats anything related to Thomas the Train countless times a day!

He has started saying more complex things as well and incorporating compound words and small sentences into his vocabulary. Tonight Matt said “Yes, darling” to me and Davis quickly repeated his words- so funny! He also has taken to saying “AWESOME” with total conviction! So funny my friends, so funny! My sister’s mission for this past week at the beach was to teach him to say “Word Up”. Not quite sure why, but she was successful. So I apologize if my son sounds ghetto when greeting you- you can blame it on his Aunt Jennifer or “Fur” as he sometimes calls her.

Many people ask if Davis is aware of his baby brother’s looming presence and my response is typically “yes & no”. Yes, you can ask him where his baby brother is and he will point to my belly but do I think he really gets it? No, not really. Though I do think he is bright that is a complex thing to understand! Honestly, sometimes I have to remind myself that there really is life growing in me! That is a powerful thing and something I’m still in awe myself!

I look forward to seeing Davis grown into his big brother status and working through the “terrible two’s”. I’m unsure of all that lies ahead of us and how to navigate through those waters but the one thing I am sure of is that we will get through it with God’s help. He has blessed us so much in these first two years of Davis’ life and I’m feel confident he will continue to guide our family and help us raise up our boys up in the way he/they should go.

When you ask him how old he will be on his birthday he has responded on more than one occasion “Two….. Five….. Seventeen” with gusto! And in a way, I can help but laugh at the irony because well…. He is growing up way to fast much to my dismay! I know God has might plans for this little guy and I look forward to seeing them unfold- truly I do! But Heavenly Father, if I could just bottle up this time and keep it with me a little bit longer it would be a true joy for both his daddy and me!

Davis' Birthday- 8-25-07
Davis 1st Birthday- 8-25-08Davis' 2nd Birthday (or a few days prior) 8-25-09


Sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to live in a different time period in history! But then I remember that they didn't have digital photography so I would be a complete misfit! I do believe that God put me here for such a time as this.... to enjoy the freedom of taking countless pictures without any reprecussions or film! Oh and also to serve the Lord, and to be a wife to my husband, and to raise my sons, and all the other good things like that too! But have I mentioned the blessing of digital photography? Thank you Lord!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Birthday MONTH!

Two Sundays ago we went over to Granna and Papaw's house (Davis' great grandparents) for a birthday celebration for the month of August! Every month we get together at their house (all 20+ of us) and celebrate the birthdays that fall within that month! And of course, it is offically August and that means Davis & Jimmy were the birthday boys of the celebration! Both of their birthdays fall at the end of the month but being the party animals we are (plus everyone's busy schedules) we decided to do the dinner at the beginning of the month! There were no complaints from Davis! Just look at him eating up the attention! Granna even made him is very own blueberry cake with special decorations! Poor Jimmy had to share his cake with everyone else! Tell me Davis doesn't know he is a lucky boy! He even blew out his candle on cue without any help! Granna & Papaw also got him is very first educational laptop! He loves it and I think he will continue to love it for sometime seeing how it has a ton of different games that we haven't even begun to uncover! Makes me laugh to think that my 2 year old son has a laptop! I didn't get my first one until I was in college- much less a cellphone (that was HUGE) until I was in approximatly 19! Times sure have changed! Thank you Granna & Papaw for kicking off Davis' birthday month with a wonderful celebration! We love you!