Monday, June 28, 2010

Noah's first haircut....

Narrated by Noah Gorman:

"This place looks like fun!"
"They are going to do what????????!""Well at least I get a cool set of wheels!"
"My big brother Davis doesn't want to come in this room for fear that they will cut his hair too! And he is suppose to be the BIG brother! Give me a break!"

"If only he knew what he was missing! This is the life!"

"Mom says I"m a champ!"

"Not so sure about this part though. I'm trying to hold it together!"

All done! "Hey that wasn't so bad! Mom quickly, put my spikes down afterwards though- something about keeping me looking like a baby a little bit longer!"

The End!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

to one of the best daddies I know! He has been the highlight of my day for almost 10 years now & is now the highlight of two other little boy's days as well!This past weekend I went with two of my girlfriends to Charleston for a short getaway. We had a blast but unfortunately our boys were sick while I was gone. EVERY time I talked with Matt he was upbeat and in a good mood despite the fact that I know things weren't easy. And though I felt guilty for not being there, I knew that they were in great hands. I trust those hands & hope to hold those hands till the day I leave this green earth. Thank you sweetie for allowing me to go off & truly have a good time while holding down the fort (despite the fact it was Father's day weekend). You selflessness is simply amazing! You love us well. And I pray you understand how much you are loved & appreciated!

And on a lighter note...

We have now received this ad twice in the past few weeks and each time Davis sees this, he says this is his "daddy".

See any resemblance? I kind of see it too!

And lastly, we happen to be fortunate to come from a few generations of wonderful fathers. Happy Father's day to them, and to my boys! Thank you for the legacy you have left in our lives and continue to leave! I pray that one day God blesses my boys with children of their own so they to can carry on this legacy & get a glimpse of the joy they give to us!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy Days...

A couple of weeks ago it rained. a lot. day after day. So when Davis asked if he could go play outside, I finally said "yes"! I should have said "Yes" a lot sooner because he thought it was....



In fact, it might have been to much fun because when I told him it was time to go inside this is what he did...

No, he didn't trip and fall (though I know what some of you were thinking)!!! He threw himself down on the ground in protest! Instead of giving him attention, I just waved to my neighbors who passed by, and snapped a quick picture or two! Matt came to the door and looked at me like I was crazy! And maybe I am- the verdict is still out. But Davis did finally get over it & come inside for some homecooked Lasagna. Poor boy! :)

And I hear parenting a 3 year old is REALLY a challenge!