Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day...

to one of the best daddies I know! He has been the highlight of my day for almost 10 years now & is now the highlight of two other little boy's days as well!This past weekend I went with two of my girlfriends to Charleston for a short getaway. We had a blast but unfortunately our boys were sick while I was gone. EVERY time I talked with Matt he was upbeat and in a good mood despite the fact that I know things weren't easy. And though I felt guilty for not being there, I knew that they were in great hands. I trust those hands & hope to hold those hands till the day I leave this green earth. Thank you sweetie for allowing me to go off & truly have a good time while holding down the fort (despite the fact it was Father's day weekend). You selflessness is simply amazing! You love us well. And I pray you understand how much you are loved & appreciated!

And on a lighter note...

We have now received this ad twice in the past few weeks and each time Davis sees this, he says this is his "daddy".

See any resemblance? I kind of see it too!

And lastly, we happen to be fortunate to come from a few generations of wonderful fathers. Happy Father's day to them, and to my boys! Thank you for the legacy you have left in our lives and continue to leave! I pray that one day God blesses my boys with children of their own so they to can carry on this legacy & get a glimpse of the joy they give to us!

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