Monday, June 28, 2010

Noah's first haircut....

Narrated by Noah Gorman:

"This place looks like fun!"
"They are going to do what????????!""Well at least I get a cool set of wheels!"
"My big brother Davis doesn't want to come in this room for fear that they will cut his hair too! And he is suppose to be the BIG brother! Give me a break!"

"If only he knew what he was missing! This is the life!"

"Mom says I"m a champ!"

"Not so sure about this part though. I'm trying to hold it together!"

All done! "Hey that wasn't so bad! Mom quickly, put my spikes down afterwards though- something about keeping me looking like a baby a little bit longer!"

The End!


Jessica said...

He is PRECIOUS! Love the little spike in the front! Sweet boys!

Lee said...

What a doll! Love that adorable smile.