Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The "Lost" Pictures...

The past 6 months I've done a terrible job at taking pictures of our little man and an even worse job of posting pictures! In an effort to ease my guilt I decided to recap the months of March, April, and May through the pictures below!

First a few pictures from Easter 2009:

The bucket on the left is courtesy of our furry friend the Easter Bunny, the bucket on the right Davis "made" at his mothers morning out program! He loved it and carried that one around with him to collect all the eggs! Many times he would get so caught up in the eggs that when he dropped them in they would fall out and would keep picking them up over and over again not realizing it was the same egg! Quite entertaining... for a little while :) Easter afternoon Davis woke up with a fever that only got worse on Monday! We took him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with a wicked throat infection that I don't wish upon my worst enemy! Light night cold baths, very little sleep, and no appetite lead for a long week following his second Easter!

In an effort to be creative, my mom & I attempted to make these cute cake pops for Easter! We laughed until we cried because we thought it was such a disaster! However, looking back I think they are kind of cute! Plus they stayed fresh for a really long time and tasted pretty good too! But one was certainly enough to savor the average sweet tooth!Oh & Easter 2009 is when we announced to most that Davis was going to be a big brother. He takes his role as a big brother very seriously as you can see below....
In May we got together with the Gorman family for Mothers day and Stacy was the smart mom who brought bubbles for the boys! What a blast!

Here is Davis waiting with anticipation!Here is his cousin Turner gearing up for the bubble festivities!Davis trying very hard to blow bubbles with the big wand. Unfortunately, he never really got the hang of it!So, he decided if you can't beat them.... eat them! Seriously, he kept licking and licking the stick! Didn't seem to bother him one bit!Turner on the other hand, well....Look at those cute lips master the perfect bubble blowing form...Such a master bubble blower! Fortunately, Davis got such a kick out of Turner's mad bubble skills that he didn't even notice that he hardly blew a single bubble!
We had to leave this event right at nap time because Davis was SO tired. He literally feel asleep once we turned out of the driveway!
Speaking of sleep- we typically let him take 3 items to bed each night. A blanket, pacifier ("pa-pa"), & a book of his choice! Recently, he has loved looking at coloring books so many of nights he chooses a coloring book. I guess he got a little bit bored with this one though...

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