Monday, September 14, 2009


As mentioned in my last post, Davis now thinks his name is "Bubba"! It is a mystery to us where he picked this up but it seems to coincide to when he started back to school- so who knows? He thinks it's funny though! I especially like during the middle of the video when he is saying "Bubba" in a very low, serious voice (you may have to crank up the volume to hear him)! Sorry for the poor video skills, I keep forgetting that I can't turn the video vertical without causing motion sickness + plus Davis isn't going to sit still for long! Enjoy blogger family!


Kad and Peaches said...

This is hilarious! What are they teaching him at school?! lol I love that he knows it's funny. =)

Sarah and Phil said...

I could watch this over and over! I love hearing him say Bubba!!!