Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity- Let's Go Racing!

This past June as a father's day gift- Davis, Baby Gorman, & I gave Matt a gift certificate to the Nascar Racing Experience! My sister and I also gave one to my dad! You have to schedule months in adavance so they both had to wait till yesterday to cash in their certificate! The event is held at Atlanta Motor Speedway and basically you get to take a few laps around the racetrack in a racecar, driven by a race car driver (though not anyone we've heard of). Now, this doesn't sound appealing to me, but I thought my better half my like it! He isn't the biggest Nascar fan out there, but he does enjoy having the race on in the background when working on projects and occasionally actually sits down to watch the last few laps of a race! Plus what male doesn't want to go 176 mph in a car- it's a testerone thing! Turned out that despite it being a hot day & a little bit of a wait, they both really liked it! They said the curves were the most intense part and agreed it was a cool experience! Davis liked all the race cars too but didn't get to ride in one! In fact, by the time it was Daddy & Granddaddy's turn to make their nascar debut- he had fallen asleep in his stroller! Oh well, maybe next time!

Here are few pictures to document our experience....

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Sarah and Phil said...

Love, Love the pictures of Davis in the car!!!! Your dad and Matt look cute too of course!