Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of "Those Moms"...

So it's official... I'm one of those camera toting moms who becomes emotional on the first day of high school preschool. It doesn't even seem possible that he could be in preschool yet does it? But as hard as it is to believe- it is true! I know, I know, Davis as been in Mother's Morning out for the past 2 years so this shouldn't be too different! However, it sure feels different! Maybe it's the fact that he is growing like a weed; or perhaps it's the fact that unlike last year's first day of MMO, today not a tear was shed. Not. a. single. one. from my big boy (nor myself- but it was indeed a close call as my eyes filled to the brim a few times)! Despite my attempt at keeping perspective, this just feels like a big step. Next thing I know he will be starting first grade, then high school, then mustering up the courage to ask a girl out on his first date, and honestly the rest is just too much to mention from there! I'm sorry- it might seem silly... I never thought I would be like this... but when my son turned around and gave me a hug goodbye & said.... "I love you.. a bushel and a peck" then walked away on his own accord, I nearly lost it. As the teacher declared that he was "Melt my heart, adorable" I wanted to turn and look her square in the eye and tell her "Congratulations, you won the jack pot this year. This kid will steal your heart before you even realize it!"
But somethings are best left unsaid. She will find out soon enough! In fact, she is probably @ home right now wondering what hit her. :)

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Lee said...

Such a grown-up little man! We are so proud of our precious Davis.