Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning...

The Easter Bunny came to visit in honor of "Jesus coming back"! The bunny tries to fill the Easter Buckets with item that will encourage the boys relationships with Christ. However, a few practical/summer items also got slipped in this year too! Davis' bucket is on the left & Noah's bag is on the right. Noah was the first one up on Easter morning so he hung out in his excersaucer until big brother woke up!
Davis woke up shortly there after and came running down to see what the Easter Bunny had brought him!
Davis dug into his bucket and pulled out a new Veggie Tales movie! Noah is patiently waiting for someone to open up his presents for him!

Davis is showing Noah a few of their new items! Notice the matching PJ's! I love it when they match! It's silly I know but I can't help it! If only I could find those in Matt's size!
Davis finally got a baseball glove! I was way more excited about this than anybody else! Softball was such a big part of my childhood- perhaps baseball will be for Davis. Sadly, at this point in time he doesn't seem overly interested! Then again, he is only 2!!!

Lifeway Christian book store had some awesome deals this year that the Easter Bunny really took advantage of this year!

Davis really thought Noah needed to surrounded by all of his toys, in the excersaucer! Needless to say I had to intercede before it got too crowded!
We had a wonderful Easter morning celebrating our risen Savior!
"Jesus has overcome
the grave is overwhelmed
Victory is won
He is risen from the dead"!

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