Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Noah spent a total of 29 hours in the NICU due to “Transition Problems” at birth. Basically he had fluid on his lungs at birth. Apparently this is more common among c-section babies because the regular birthing process helps rid the lungs of fluid (most of the time)! With that said, I’ve been asked if I regret having a c-section and the answer is an admit “No”. In fact my doctor has stated before that I’m very fortunate to be living in the country I live in during this day in age, with great medical access- other wise I nor any of my children would likely make it through the birthing process. Talk about gratefulness!!! Thank you Lord!

Once Noah was brought back to the NICU only parents and grandparents could have access to him. I however couldn’t go back and see him immediately due to my recent surgery. Therefore, Matt and our parents kept going back and relaying updates and information about him! While I was grateful for these updates, as the hours past I became more and more eager to see him for myself and make sure he was doing ok! Throughout the day Matt & our parents had been told they couldn’t hold him or even touch him because they wanted Noah to be able to focus on breathing and not any other stimulus. This thought broke my heart! I had also been told that my kid was the giant in the NICU- never thought my kid would be considered a giant :)

The doctors finally let me go back and see my beautiful baby boy at around 11:00 PM (he had been born at 7:46 AM)! Though certainly not in any shape to do so I really think I could have run all the way to the NICU if they would have let me! I arrived and saw my baby boy for the second time (though the first time was BRIEF)! He was beautiful even with all the machines hooked up to him. He was breathing a little bit fast and had a few bubbles coming out of his mouth (the actual fluid in his lungs coming up, I was told) but he was indeed perfect! The NICU nurse even felt like he was doing so well she let me hold him!!!! It was just the right medicine needed after such a long day!

Me holding Noah for the first time

We woke up the next morning and headed to the NICU and held our sweet baby boy once again! By 1:00 that afternoon, they released him from the NICU and brought him to our room where we were reunited! The NICU nurse told us while laughing “he had come into his own and has decided he loves to be held” and honestly, after all we had been through in the last 24 hours – that sounded just perfect to me!

Matt holding Noah for the first time


Tommy said...

Great job parents! NICU stories like this remind me of the twins' experience and it brings back a lot of memories and feelings of stress! I'm glad for you, Matt and Noah you only had 24 hours of it.

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE birthday stories!! Thanks for all the details... love it. Glad everyone is doing well... way to go mamma!