Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Stop...

We might just make more stops than Santa but seeing our loved ones on Christmas is worth it! Christmas Day night we straight from Matt's parents house to my grandparents house in Marietta! All of my mom's side gets together and celebrates Christmas- by now there are 24 of us so it's quite a crowd! At first Davis wanted to go home after leaving Matt's hometown, but once I told him Granna & Papaw would be there and there might be a gift or two for him he perked up and said "Oh, that will be so much fun!"

Once again, Davis passed out presents which was very interesting and rather entertaining since there are so many of us! He received some playdough, a Lightening McQueen pillow, a puzzle, train, and a basketball goal! All have received good use! Also, Noah got a big barn that he can sit and play at in a few months- right now Davis is breaking it in for him (because, you know he doesn't have anything else to play with)?!!

Davis passing out presents.... quite a job with this family!
Opening up Lightning McQueen... And of course, the basketball goal! Thanks Tate- He LOVES it! Perhaps you can show him some moves? Basketlball moves that is- nothing else troublemaker :)

Four years ago I gave my Grandmother a book that asked her questions about her life & beliefs in hopes that she would take a little bit of time to write down a few answers! I had completely forgotten about it honestly... that is until I unwrapped it this year! Inside is pages of her beautiful handwriting answering questions about our family history, her childhood, raising children, faith, etc... This alone is such an amazing treasure! But even more astounding is the original 4 page letter, written on April 4, 1956, that my grandfather wrote to my great grandfather asking for her hand in marriage. It is incredible and deserves a whole post on it's own! I'm so touched by this family heirloom and it's such a fun piece of history to read! To think that one letter started it all... amazing!
Another highlight of the evening (but still pales in comparison to the above mentioned book & letter) was the dirty Santa game the adults play! It's always nice to bring a gift that is fought over (it's playful fighting, not bad fighting)! Matt made these beautiful boxes (primarily as a gift for our fathers) and made one of the extras a humidor with a few nice cigars inside for a "guy gift". The dark ones are made out of walnut that my grandfather collected long ago but never got to make anything out of due to deteriorating health. So needless to say, this was a popular item and stolen a few times! The "girl gift" I brought was cute apron with a recipe box that Matt made. It too was fairly popular! It's nice to have such a talented husband that loves to create such beautiful things! A homemade gift always adds a special touch!

A few recipes boxes....
On a different note, I ended up getting dirty and stealing a beautiful tilted pitcher from my aunt as the last play of the game! I do love it (even it makes my name mud) :) Love you Lesley & Jennifer Foster! You really can borrow it anytime!

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