Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party At School....

Davis had a Christmas party at school this year where the parents got to come @ lunchtime and watch the festivities! At first Davis didn't know what to think about all the additional people in his classroom but overcame his reservations fairly quickly. The children ate lunch, watched some carolers who came to sing to them & then gave handmade presents to their parents & received presents from their teachers! Davis loves his teachers and talks about school a lot! It is going to be a long Christmas break without them!

Davis with Ms. Patti & Ms Kathy...
Right outside Davis' classroom is this mural of a train.... we pause and look at it every day I pick him up! It's as if God just knew that Davis would be in that classroom.
Our present from last year & our present from this year! I adore these treasures!

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