Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning- Take 2

The items most requested by Davis this year were Bertie the Bus & James the train (both from Thomas & Friends). Occasionally he would mention Lightening McQueen & Mater from the movie Cars. Also @ the last moment he added a blue & red bike. We told him he already had a red & blue bike in the garage that he got for his birthday. To this he replied "Santa go gets my bike out of the garage. Ok- simple enough- Santa can do that! I think Davis was thrilled to see that Santa got him everything he wanted eventhough he would never sit on his lap! Noah of course was pleased to with his classic baby toys! Matt got a worksharp (a tool) for his workshop in the basement from me & the boys that got delivered Christmas Eve- shew, that was a close one. I recieved a 2 night get away for later in January & I'm greatly looking forward to some great quality time with my thoughtful hubby! He knew exactly what this mommy of two needed! It was a great Christmas (minus me being sick by the end of the day with a sinus infection & an ear infection- ouch)! I literally had no voice the next day! Despite the minor ailments this was a Christmas that will be cherished for years to come- afterall young kids make things so much more fun! Well, at least Christmas things!

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Jenny said...

I love how Davis went for the bouncy seat...sorry Noah! Lol. Very cute!