Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Night...

After a lovely Christmas Day we headed over the my grandmother's house for a BIG family get together.  Here is a picture of my dad and Davis in their red sweater vest.  Davis never wants to wear a sweater vest but if I tell him that Grandaddy man wears them then he stops complaining and puts it on.  :) 

Jimmy got a nerf gun from his sister for Christmas- yes he is a grown man, yes- it was a brilliant idea and yes- I hate that I didn't think of it!  He was nice enough to let Davis play with it and Davis LOVED it- I'm not sure everyone else in the room did but they were good sports too!

Davis passed out presents which is no small feet with this clan.  He did great and was rewarded by getting to be one of the first ones to open presents!

I think Noah was a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of the day/evening and was camera shy.  Needless to say, he enjoyed it as well and I anticipate next year he will be right in the middle of chaos!

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