Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Train Ride....

The weekend after Thanksgiving my in-laws graciously took us and my SIL & nephew on a train ride!  Anyone who has met my kids know that they love, love, love trains!  Trains + Christmas = Bliss  Doens't get much better than that!

The ride lasted about an hour and Noah was quite a handful during that hour.  The train consisted of singing common Christmas songs and visits from Frosty, Rudolph, and Santa.  There was also a bear and a grinch outside of the train, which Davis didn't really appreciate either one of those!  Below is Noah glancing at one of the characters up ahead.
Davis with his G-Mama and Papa
Noah's cute fish face!
Rudolph.... need I say more?!?
And of course, SANTA!  Davis was apprehensive at first so Matt "called out" to Santa that Davis wanted a pink tutu! Davis was MORTIFIED and begged his Daddy to stop!!!  We now know he can be easily embarassed by us! :)  Davis had to go see Santa himself to set the record straight- he didn't want a pink tutu at all but rather a shake-n-go Fin McMissle from Cars2!  He told Santa he could give the pink tutu to his Daddy instead :)   Noah was fine with Santa as long as I was by his side but preferred not to talk to him.

It was a fun- long day!  Noah might have been a little young for the experience but overall did pretty good.  Davis was slightly cranky that day and I'm still not sure why.  Perhaps it was lots of unkowns for him but he was just talking about the train ride the other day so I know he appreciated the experience!  Thanks
G-Mama & Papa!

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