Tuesday, January 3, 2012

School Christmas Parties

We had a first this Christmas.  Now that Noah attends a mothers morning out program- my boys Christmas parties conflicted!  Same time, same day!  I've seen moms pop in one room and then go pop in another room but I was afraid that Noah wouldn't really "let" me do that- once he sees me he is rather attached (oh to feel so loved).  Since my mom previously taught with Davis' teacher more than 2 decades ago, she offered to go attend his class party so I could attend Noah's.  I ended up coordinating the class party for Davis- so I hated to miss out but I know he was thrilled to have his Gigi with him and flooded her with memories from long ago!

Below is Noah- enjoying the food at his party!  He loved every item on his plate and was in Heaven!
He is sitting by our friend Will who was born the day after Noah at the same hospital.  I went to high school with Will's parents and we have remained friends over the years!  So nice to watch our boys grow up together!

Isn't he adorable?  Every time I go pick up Noah, if Will is still there, he looks at me like "Won't you please take me home too?"  I would if I could buddy!

Not a flattering picture of me below but how can you not post it when Noah's grin is sooo sweet!!!
Davis and Gigi- at his party!  Unfortunately I didn't get to take many pictures at his party but I heard it was lots of fun and a great success!  We brough reindeer PB&J sandwiches for his class and they loved them!

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