Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Eve Afternoon...

On Christmas Eve day we went to Gigi & Grandaddy Man's house!  I thought the boys might be exhausted but nothing like a ton of presents to get the adrenaline going! :)  Matt surprised me when we got there by giving me my Christmas present: a new camera!  I didn't need a new one but had been desiring to update mine for quite a while.  I hadn't realized that I had ever really vocalized this but apparently I've casually mentioned it in conversation.  My husband listens well (most of the time)! :)  My boys spoil me.  Speaking of spoiled- here is proof that we are all are very spoiled. 

Have I mentioned that we are ecstatic that my sister is expecting again?  You can ready more about this special little baby here!  I think she may have had just as many presents as anyone else at Christmas!  We are just so excited!  If you could please pray for our family as her pregnancy continues that we will be blessed with peace and that the baby will be blessed with good health!  We have learned to take nothing forgranted- especially the miracle of a sweet little baby! :)

I really want to start being more purposeful in taking group pictures at family get togethers.  I'm terrible about it and I think we are missing such great opportunity when we are all together.  Therefore, family and friends be forewarned:  I'm going to start being "that" person.  Come prepared for pictures!

And for posterity sake, here is a glimpse of our 2012 Christmas card!

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