Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noah's 7 Month update!

Noah turned 7 months old this week! Where in the world has time gone? He has been so much fun to have around and I look and think how incomplete our world was without him! He is fairly laid back however, I'm beginning to wonder if he may have a little temper? Or maybe it's just teething?! Only time will tell! I adore him regardless!
He did get two teeth (one after the other) at 6 months- I would have bet money that they would have come sooner but he proved me wrong! We go through at least 3 bibs a day due to the large amount of druel he creates! It is something else! Almost any attention makes him smile (which I love)! Davis was very serious and you had to "work" to get your smile! Noah just hands them out so freely! Thanks buddy!
I must confess there is a problem I'm having lately! Everywhere we go people stop and comment on two things: First the rolls! The kid has rolls in places I didn't know rolls could exist! And who knew rolls could be so darn cute?

Secondly, once they stop and give him attention he then rewards them with is cute two toothy grin. Which just endears people more! These little incidents are a blessing and a curse I tell you! I do love sharing my adorable little boy with others and am so glad he brings a smile to so many peoples faces! They obviously bring a smile to his face too! It is a win-win situation! However, combine 3 of the incidents that can last anywhere from 3-5 minutes and a quick trip inside Belks can turn into a marathon! I always feels so guilty when I just have to start pushing the stroller away from people to indicate that their bonding time with this rolly polly is up! I know, I should be ashamed of myself but really sometimes I have places to be and things to do!
Noah went for his 6 month appointment last week and he is remaining in the 90th percentile all the way around! We are amazed at how proportionate he is! The little chunk weights 20 lbs and a few ounces! I think Davis weighed 22 lbs at his 1 year appointment so I shudder to think about what Noah will weigh! He one of the best arm workouts you can have! The doctor isn't concerned with his weight and I frankly, neither am I. This is how God made him and in our view every roll is perfect!
He started sitting up about 3 or 4 weeks ago and is doing great with that! Dr. D. said it was really impressive that he could sit so well considering he is a "bigger baby". He is also soooo close to crawling! He wants to so badly! About two weeks ago he started lifting his belly off the ground & tucking those knees up underneath him! He then starts to rock back and forth but hasn't truly made forward progress (minus the face plants and army crawls)! Davis has tried to show him but more training is obviously required! We will keep ya'll posted on his progress! Happy 7 month birthday Noah! You are such a blessing to each of us!

(I had to throw this picture in! It was Addison's 2nd birthday and she was so sweet to Noah! You can tell she is a good big sister to her brother Will (born 1 day after Noah)!


Kad and Peaches said...

Ohhh, do I love those smiles and rolls...what a happy, sweet, cutie pie!!

Jennifer said...

He looks so cute talking to Addison. I love that little smile. And, Avery does too.