Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Things You Say....

One night we were having steak for dinner and I wanted to Davis to try it but had told Matt “If he doesn’t eat this I will make him a sandwich”. We don’t typically do this at all but I was thinking the last thing I want my child to get hooked on is filet mignon. So as I set Davis’ plate before him he said “Ohhhhh, thank you for dinner mommy!” Then in the same breath he said, “Now make me a sandwich”! Little stinker!

I was getting ready one Friday night to go to a couponing seminar (I know, I know, I live an exciting life)! I put on a new bright blue silk shirt and walked into the den where the boys were wrestling. Davis stopped and so sweetly said “You look Beautiful mommy!” I can’t lie, it melted my heart! Then he said in his sweet broken sentence voice, “You wearing blue- just like Thomas [as in Thomas the Train]! It made me stop & question the true sentiment behind the compliment. However at the end of the day, I take what I can get! Especially from a boy as cute as he is!

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