Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

For Mother’s Day this year Davis’ class invited all the mom’s to a luncheon for a “special day”. We were asked to wear a dress and Davis reminded me several times to wear a dress! The morning of the big day I went in to get Davis up and the first thing he said was “Mommy you are in a dress! It’s your special day!” (Perhaps I should put on a dress more often so it's not quite so alarming)!

(The invitaiton to the luncheon)

(The placemat Davis made for me)

The luncheon was nice. After lunch, we were presented with a card where each child had answered questions about thier mommy! His teachers had been telling me for days that they couldn’t wait for me to get mine! So I was nervous to see exactly what he had said! You just never know?!

It turns out that when they asked him how old I was, Davis said “I know she is really old”! Everyone thought that was hilarious! I’m one of the younger moms (if not the youngest) in the class!

He was also asked what Mommy’s favorite thing to do is! His response broke my heart! He replied watch TV and computer! It literally broke my heart! I really don’t watch a lot of TV (and really none during the day when he is awake)! However, I have recently started working from home so my time on the computer has increased significantly! I really almost cried when reading this! My favorite thing to do is NOT get on the computer but spend time loving on my boys! Ever since the luncheon I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to decrease the amount of time on the computer regardless of work. Raising my kids is first and foremost. I was very clear on this when my employer called and asked me to consider working from home. It isn’t my employers fault but I have a very hard time not responding to email right away, putting out fires immediately, etc. The debate between working moms and stay at homes moms always brings up the question “Can you have it all?” I now understand, that even in this ideal, working from home part-time, create your on hours position, you indeed cannot have it all. But I’ve concluded that I do know the One who is my All and that is more than enough for me. I pray He helps me balance out my life a little bit more and remind me of my priorities!

With that said, you never really know how seriously to take these surveys. The next question asked was “What is your favorite thing to do with your mommy?” He responded, “go the gym, read books, paint & color.” Sounds reasonable! However, I don’t have a gym membership, though I would love one! So, we aren’t quite sure where that came from! I told Matt it must be because he thinks I look like I’m in such good shape! Matt just laughed at that one…. I’m not sure why J

We do however, read books (countless ones each day), color, and on the days I’m feeling brave- we paint! Though I know this is what he enjoys, it’s sweet to hear him voice his thoughts! TV, computer, gym membership and all!
At the end of the afternoon, Davis gave me a flowerpot that he painted at school. All the other mom’s flowers had tons of cute blooms on them. My flower, well it’s bloomless structure looked more like a weed. The teachers apologized and told me they had one flower that looked terrible and figured I was so easy going that they hoped I wouldn’t mind! The offered to bring in a replacement the next school day but I assured them that wasn’t necessary. It wasn’t about the flower anyway; the pot it was planted in with my son’s cute fingerprints all around it was a wonderful gift for me!

It was a fun, humbling, and wonderful special day!


Kad and Peaches said...

Oh how sweet! He is such a cute, smart little boy. Don't feel bad about the TV/Computer thing...we all KNOW that's not true! :) You're an amazing Mom.

Jennifer said...

Great picture of you two!