Sunday, October 2, 2011

Davis' 4th Birthday Morning!

 Have you ever started a tradition that you think, why did we ever start that?  Well, we have!  Every year the night before Davis' birthday we blow up balloon, after balloon, so our gowing boy can wake up to a sea of balloons covering his floor.  I think we used approximatly 80 balloons this year!  That's a lot of air!  Fortunatly, we have an air compressor but its still rather time consuming.  And of course, what you do for one, you need to do for the other.
 However, the smiles we get when they wake up, and the joy that the boys have playing in the balloons for days afterwards is more than enough reward! 
Blueberry Birthday Muffins before going to school and celebrating his birthday among friends!  Not quite ure who is more excited, Davis or Noah!  ;)

More pictures to come from the big 4th Birthday!

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