Saturday, October 29, 2011

First "Camp Out"...

Over the summer Davis found a new interest in camping!  We wanted to try an take him sometime this fall but logistics were quite difficult for some reason.  Therefore, we decided one Saturday night to camp out in the backyard.  We started the evening with a little game of red light, green light that got a little out of control as you can see below...

 The we started setting up "camp".  Davis was very impressed we actually owned a tent- I'm going to miss when he isn't so easily impressed.

 You can't go camping without cooking over an open fire quickly followed by smores!  Unfortunately, Noah does not have quite enough fear of fire (I'm praying that it comes... soon)!  So we had to actually put him to bed inside the house (yes, camping at home does have it's conveniences) before smores.  Next time Noah, next time, I promise!  In the meantime enjoy these cute pictures of 2 out of 3 of my favorite boys!

 Since Noah was inside sleeping, Davis and I slept outside and Matt slept inside and came out to check on us a few times!  Surprisingly, it didn't take Davis long to fall asleep after I showed him my mad shadow puppet skills!
Though it was a bit more work than usual, it was worth every moment!  I can't wait to have countless more camp outs with ALL my boys!

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