Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Before school let out for the summer Davis' class held a mother's day luncheon for all the mommys!  We had to wear our "fancy" clothes and be on our best behavior!

Well Hello Handsome!

My nice place setting!

David holding the card he made me!  The teacher played a game where they read off the answers to the questions and the mommies had to guess which card belonged to who!

I pretty much knew which card was mine almost instantly! What a sweetie!   Also, this is Davis writing his name in pen for the first time.

Davis kept telling me how "berry" special I was throughout the day.  He now also uses the word "berry" instead of "very" almost all the time.  And he likes to point out the play on words each & every time! :)

Instead of cheese these days he likes to say "turkey-jerky" thanks to veggie tales!

The special pot holder Davis made just for me!  I'm one lucky mommy!
And lastly, this is Davis' teacher Ms. Patti who helped pull off all the small details of the day.   Not to mention, taught Davis all year long!  She is a great teacher and did everything with gusto and love throughout the year!  Praise God for preschool teachers!

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