Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011...

A little fun as the baskets were being set out for the long awaited Easter Bunny!   What a goof!

 What awaited the boys on Easter morning!  We usually keep things low key but apparently the Easter bunny wanted to give Davis a bike for the summer (and he may have gotten a really good deal after Christmas and was tired of storing it in his.... ummm... workshop?!?  Does the easter bunny have a workshop)?  Noah of course benefited too, with a lightening mcqueen riding toy!

 Davis exclaimed as he was coming down the stairs "Is the bike all for me?"  Yes, Davis it's all for you.  "Oh wow, I love it"!  And he hopped on it instantly without any fear.  About 30 minutes later, fear set in and he hasn't been on that bike with crying since :( 
Do you see Noah's face in this picture?  What a ham!  He makes this face all the time!  He sometimes furrows his brows with it too.   Not always the nicest looking face, but if you do it back to him he tends to crack up with laughter!

 Hello Sleepyhead Noah!
 Davis making sure the helmet will really protect that big noggin!

 A little family picture after church on Easter Morning!
 Noah knocked out after church!  Love those long eyelashes he gets from his Daddy.
The easter bunny cake I made on Sunday afternoon!  Super fun and crazy easy!  The cake underneath looked terrible but the beauty of it was that it didn't matter because I knew it would be covered up!  I got the idea from I just added a $1 bunny on top to make it more appropriate for the occasion!  Everyone LOVED it!
 Davis saying the prayer at the Foster Family easter gathering @ my parents house.  Love to hear him say the prayer.  It never gets old.
 Davis and Gigi made this bunny cake the day before.  Davis talked a lot about his cake!  He was very proud and wanted to share it with everyone!
 My sweet niece.... Oh and Jimmy and Jennifer too!  Doesn't Jimmy look daper?  Jennifer is glowing herself.  I could look at the pregnant belly all day long.  I love to see baby bumps!

Davis waiting to do the egg hung!  Noah wasn't that into it this year.  I don't think he was feeling very good that day but I could never figure out why!  However, I bet next year the hunt will be intense!

It was a greast Easter but I never want to lose sight of what the day is all about!  Jesus conquring death so that we might have eternal life.  All because he loved us with a perfect, never-ending, unfailing type of  love!  My how blessed we are!

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