Friday, December 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

The boys and I met my in-laws at a pumpkin patch during the middle of October (Matt was on a fishing trip).  It was really a great day and I would say the highlight of the day was the hayride we all went on!  The boys loved it!  We also saw pumpkins galore and countless GIGANTIC ones!  Always so much fun!

 My nephew T-Man....

 Davis was pumped about the hayride and loved that he got a ticket!
 Noah was upset when he saw Davis had a ticket and he didn't.  This was his reaction as soon as we handed him his very own ticket!  All was right with the world again!
 Davis got some good snuggles with his G-Mama on the hayride.  Noah almost seemed to fall asleep on the hayride he was so over stimulated and exhausted!
Such a fun day!  I would love to make it annual tradition!

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