Monday, January 17, 2011

White Christmas...

 This Christmas was one to remember for a variety of reasons but I have a feeling it will live on in infamy because it started snowing on Christmas day!  That just doesn't happen here in the deep south- like NEVER!  Well, until now of course!  We decided to head over to my parents house on Christmas night for dinner since Christmas had been postponed at my grandmother's.  When we drove up- there was Thomas & Sir Topham Hat.  Apparently he was on clearance at Lowes right before Christmas and Gigi & Granddaddy man couldn't resist!  Davis loved him but kept wanting to go inside him!?!  It doesn't work that way son, even on this magical  snowy Christmas day!

Trying to catch snowflakes!

Snuggling up with Granddaddy man- it had been a very long day!
We didn't just get a little dusting, the snow actually started sticking.  By the time we got home there was plenty of snow on the ground and we couldn't resist letting Davis stay up past his bedtime to play in the snow.  (Noah fell asleep on the way home).

Davis waiting patiently to go outside to play!

Ok, what do we do with this white stuff again?
Oh, yeah. I remember now!  Our miniature snowman decorated with ornaments of course!
The next day, Noah joined in the fun!?!  He wasn't quite sure what to think about and didn't give much reaction!
Snow brings out the sillys!
I"m not sure if we will ever get another white Christmas here in the deep south but it was so enjoyable and memorable!  Little did we know we would get an actual snow storm just a few weeks later!  So fun!!!!

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